He Is The CEO Of A World Class Marketing Agency, Human Rights Activist, Basketball Coach, And He Is Only 19 Years Old. Meet Shahrez Hayder

He Is The CEO Of A World Class Marketing Agency, Human Rights Activist, Basketball Coach, And He Is Only 19 Years Old. Meet Shahrez Hayder

Toronto, Canada – In today’s increasingly digital age, businesses are always looking to gain the competitive edge when it comes to their online marketing efforts. Shahrez Hayder is the secret weapon for just that. He is a marketing prodigy.

Shahrez built OptemaGOLD Marketing, a world-class marketing agency, at only 19 years old. Since then, he has continued his journey to accomplish many milestones unheard of for most people his age.

Shahrez is a marketing expert and is highly knowledgeable in the field of digital advertising. OptemaGOLD Marketing multiplies businesses’ revenues through strategic and secret formulas. He serves as a marketing advisor for personality brands, NewYork Times best-selling authors, celebrity personalities, as well as small businesses and big corporations alike. His clientele ranges from businesses across a variety of industries. He assists lawyers, real estate agents and healthcare professionals dominate their local markets.

A real estate agent who was struggling to sell a listed property for several months recently contacted Shahrez, who was able to get the property sold in under a week. This demonstrates the power of strategic online marketing over the outdated direct response method. “With real estate, it’s simple,” explains Shahrez, “You can either choose to have an open house every weekend during certain hours, with limited prospects walking in and out, or, you can get online, strategically target the perfect prospects, and have a digital open house every single day of the week, running 24 hours.”

When asked how he generated such significant results, Shahrez answered, “In today’s world, direct response marketing is dead. It used to work, but not anymore. We simply can’t only have an ad that will direct someone to a checkout page to empty out their wallet, that’s just disrespectful. We must really understand how, when and why a consumer makes a decision and what triggers them to do so.” Shahrez has spent several years researching the psychology behind consumer decision making which has enabled him to become a specialist in online sales. Moreover, backed by his creative crew at Optema Digital Studios, Shahrez uses the newest techniques in marketing psychology to create content that efficiently captures the audience’s attention.

When asked on how he acquired these skills at such a young age, Shahrez stated that his age is his biggest advantage. “Technological advancements rapidly grow every single day, at immeasurable rates. The world is not at the same as it was during our grandparents’ or even our parents’ time. What worked for them in the past does not work for us. Old methods no longer suffice in the digital age. As a millennial, born and raised in this modern era, I understand this great power and how to utilize it. I encourage all millennials to exercise this skill as it is waiting to be tapped into.”

Aside from generating millions of dollars in revenue for his clients, Shahrez spends his time coaching basketball and serving as a human rights activist, mentoring at-risk youth. He maintains a great balance between his work and off-work activities which makes him an all-rounder. Shahrez built his company based on his perception of everything an ideal marketing agency should be. He says “Our company name symbolizes what we stand for. Optema represents optimization, GOLD represents high standard results. All in all, we don’t sugarcoat things. We get straight to the point. We do not sell time and effort. We are a result-driven service that maximizes our client’s revenue through marketing optimization. High standard results. That’s it.”

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