Split Comfort Brings Us Patented Bedding with Purpose

Tucson, AZ – The founders of Split Comfort, Nikki Lee & Jayna McMillen, designed and patented a line of bedding that provides a comprehensive solution to the problems everyone faces with traditional bedding. Split Comfort’s mission is to develop products that provide cost savings, convenience, and comfort, and use their business as a means to give back. 

“We launched Split Comfort because we saw a unique opportunity to solve multiple problems that we all encounter with traditional bedding,” says Nikki Lee.  “Our patented Split Comforters save people money and time, and let them spend more time sleeping and less time fighting over the covers.”  

Traditional comforters are oftentimes too bulky to fit inside of a washer and dryer at home. This leaves bedding users with two choices: take their comforter to the dry cleaners and pay hundreds of dollars a year for dry cleaning or go to the laundromat and spend hours using industrial machines to clean their comforter. Split Comfort’s patented bedding solves this problem and helps people save money and time. 

Split Comforters have a hidden zipper that runs vertically down the middle of the comforter, allowing it to be separated into two equal halves. Each half easily fits inside of a standard-sized washer and dyer, allowing consumers to save a significant amount of money and time each year by being able to launder it at home. 

Additionally, Split Comforters solve the age-old problem of “fighting over the covers” by allowing consumers to unzip the comforter partially or even completely apart. Once unzipped, each partner has full control over their half of the comforter and their partner can sleep safe and sound.

Since Split Comforters are so easy to wash, they are intentionally oversized to fit better on today’s thicker mattresses. Another benefit to being oversized is that each partner has more comforter to call their own. 

The founders of Split Comfort integrated philanthropy into their business model from inception. Operation Sharing Comfort is an initiative designed to help those in need by distributing comfort in the form of a blanket. For every Split Comforter purchased, a blanket will be donated to someone in need, starting with homeless veterans.  

In order to raise capital to begin production, Split Comfort has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.com. Split Comforters are available on Kickstarter in Queen and King-sized sets that include a patented Split Comforter, pillow shams, and throw pillows.  Optional Split Sheet sets are also available.  Early-bird pricing starts as low as $165, but these reward tiers are limited. Backers of the project can also directly support Operation Sharing Comfort.  For a $30 pledge, backers will receive their own throw blanket and a throw blanket will be donated to someone in need. 

If you are interested in supporting this campaign or would like more information, you can check out their Kickstarter campaign at www.SplitComfort.com

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