90s Style RPG Azmara Now Available on Kickstarter

Ontario, Canada – Rollplay Games Ltd. launched a Kickstarter campaign for their 2D/3D RPG, Azmara, which will be released for free on Android and iOS. The team’s goal is to recreate the feeling of the kinds of RPGs that people loved to play in the 90s. 

“Role Playing Gaming (RPG) is our favorite genre of play. Azmara is a fresh take on this classic game style. Which brings up all kinds of fond memories and future wishes,” Rollplay Games explains, “This is a game we want to sit down and play with our kids. Get them in touch with how truly awesome classic RPG play was and show them how cool the world of Azmara can be. We can’t wait to see this game come to life!”

The world of Azmara allows players to explore multilayered dungeons fight enemies using unique weapon combos. Part of the fun of this 2D/3D game is exploring; players can unlock new areas, solve puzzles, and figure out what objects you can interact with. 

Even though the team has put a lot of time and money into creating this RPG, they need the Kickstarter community’s help to finish it. Rollplay Games Ltd.’s goal is to raise $20,000 CAD to help pay artwork and design, testing and updates, as well as operation costs. Their decision to crowdfund this game also included the fact that they wanted to get fans as involved as possible. 

“Our hope is that you as a backer can see how amazing this game can be. Whether you grew up before or after the millennia this is a game everyone can enjoy. We are 90s babies so we had Gameboys glued to our hands. However we are now at an age where we can develop a game ourselves and make it for our new aged gameboys.

A few of the reward tiers the team is offering to backers on Kickstarter will allow them to test early versions of the game, or the chance to get developer access (with a forum board for discussing changes and improvements). Other rewards include posters, t-shirts, and even creating a monster or having yourself featured in the game! 

Rollplay Games launched their Kickstarter campaign on February 11th. For more information about this game you can check out their campaign here or contact the creator below. 

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