Kitty Tub – Breakthrough Bathing Solution Cat Lovers Have Been Waiting For!

Pet Owners Can Now Purchase Their Kitty Tub On Kickstarter

Manhattan, NY – Feb 18, 2015 – Cat lovers around the world are excited for the Kitty Tub invention. This is an innovative solution to make bathing these adorable furry friends more simple and mess-free. Exclusively on Kickstarter, supporters can make a contribution and get their own Kitty Tub for as little a $39. Funds from the crowdfunding campaign will help manufacture and distribute the tubs to cat owners everywhere. The goal is to reach $60,000 by April 14th, 2015.

Creator, Toni Spera, has been a Navy wife for sixteen years. While her husband was away, she had three kittens to take care of. However, the struggle to bathe them was becoming a nightmare! Anyone who has ever groomed a cat understands what a difficult task this may be. The moment many cats see water, their claws come out and the hissing begins. This is why Toni developed a solution that to make grooming simple. This unique designed tub makes grooming kittens much easier in as little as 60 seconds. It keeps owners safe from scratches, while creating a comfortable experience for pets. It also makes nail trimming and the removal of fleas simple.

Kitty Tubs can even be used to wash small puppies up to 25 pounds. So, the next time a puppy gets dirty, do not fear. The Kitty Tub will help with getting the puppy clean and smelling fresh again. Regular baths decreases shedding in both cats and dogs. They also naturally groom each other to show affection, so they naturally appreciate their pet owners bathing them. It makes them feel special and connected with the owners. 

Last year, $4.73 billion was spent on grooming and each visit cost around $50 to $70. Kitty Tubs is a great and affordable bathing solution. It will be a great gift for cat lovers, especially those who have older cats or overweight who need help bathing.

The way it works is there is a special harness that comfortably wraps about the kitten. Then, the pet is placed in the tub with a Velcro pad to keep them in place. Pet owners can trim their cat’s nails, wash them, and groom them without any hassle. Each set will have a handheld sprayer that attaches to any faucet. This helps owners get constant flowing water quickly. The Kitty Tub is an elegant design made of durable plastic, but is light enough to stow away anywhere. It can fit into any tub or placed perfectly on a flat surface. 

Take advantage of this great deal today and be one of the first to own Kitty Tub. To make a contribution, go to the Kickstarter campaign by clicking here. There are attractive rewards for all backers as a thank you for their support.

This is an “all-or-nothing” campaign. If they do not reach the fund goal, then the project cannot move forward! Help bring the world a better solution to pet grooming by making a donation.

Those who cannot give monetary support, please share this campaign on Facebook and Twitter. The more awareness the better! 

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Company Name: Kitty Tub
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Country: United States