Ohio Farmer Plans to Revitalize the Hops Farming Community with His Grandpop’s Hops Farm

Michael Ford has always made his own path through the world, and his many successes as a professional athlete and teacher can attest both to his adventurous spirit and his willingness to venture where few others might. His latest endeavor will serve as a pilot program for the Ohio farming community.  Michael would like to establish Grandpop’s Hops Farm, an agricultural business devoted entirely to cultivating hops.

The U.S. brewing industry sources much of its materials from domestic producers, but it usually obtains hops from outside sources. After learning about this systemic obstacle to brewing in the U.S., Michael set out to show that American farmers can produce high quality hops needed in beer production.   While Ohio has produced hops in the early 1900’s, the community has turned to other, more lucrative crops in recent years.  With the success of Grandpop’s Hops Farm, Michael will be able to demonstrate that there is room in the Ohio farming industry for hops cultivation.

Grandpop’s Hops Farm is a major undertaking.  The farm operates on 20 acres of prime farming land near Marysville.  Michael has already planted four acres with hops and would like to expand that amount, but he needs funds to purchase essential equipment like a hop pellet & hammer mill and a 3060 harvester.  He also must renovate his barn to meet state processing facility code.

Despite the impressive ambition of Michael Ford, he has limited resources to turn Grandpop’s Hops Farm into the thriving success it could become.  He has asked the public to help support his project through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.  By contributing to his $9,000 campaign, you will help make history by proving Ohio is still capable of producing world class hops.  You can receive perks like a Grandpop’s Hops Bottle Opener, drink coasters, hop pillow & air freshener, fresh grown hops, pint glasses, or a tour of Grandpop’s Hops Farm.  Also, they will be having a big backer party in the spring for whoever donates.

To learn more about Grandpop’s Hops Farm or to make a contribution to this project, please visit http://kck.st/1Bnwlpq

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