Old Science And Modern Technology Bring Self-improvement To Everyone

Dublin, Ireland – Mindfulogy, a young Dublin-based startup, has developed a revolutionary wearable device capable of bringing a self-improvement solution to everyone based on producing desired mental states. An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is being launched to bring the device to the market.

Based on the brainwave entrainment effect and using vibratory stimulus, the Zen Vibez is discreet and unobtrusive, making it usable in everyday life to relieve stress and anxiety, develop focus, improve sleep, boost memory and cognition, reduce migraines and headaches, reach deep meditation, enhance creative thinking, get the edge in sport and enjoy lucid dreaming.

Decades of research have shown that brainwaves encode mental states and that eliciting desired brainwaves in someone’s brain can change their mental state and lead to measurable self-improvement. The beauty of this is that it is actually possible to elicit a desired brainwave pattern in someone’s brain through the brainwave entrainment effect, which is the fact that human brainwave frequencies can align with the frequency of an external stimulus.

Most commercial devices until now have been using auditory of visual stimulation to elicit the brainwave entrainment effect, but the main shortcoming of these stimuli is that they cut the user from the outside world and can therefore not be used in everyday life where the brainwave entrainment benefits are the most needed. The Zen Vibez is discreet, unobtrusive and silent. It can be used in any situation and doesn’t interfere with social interactions.

The Zen Vibez elicits the brainwave entrainment effect using silent vibrations produced with state of the art haptic technology: precisely controllable Samsung piezoelectric actuators, driven by a Texas Instruments integrated circuit and controlled with an iOS or Android app via Bluetooth® 4.0. 

Neuroscientific research shows that multi-modal stimulation, which is the stimulation of several senses at the same time, brings the best results, so the Zen Vibez integrates an audio output to enable binaural beats, or stream relaxing sounds, or even personal music through the Bluetooth® connection.

Mindfulogy believes in collective intelligence, and is convinced that there are inspired people out there who can think of unique and inventive usages for the Zen Vibez, this is why they made it an open platform with an API to control the piezo vibrators and the audio out. 

About Mindfulogy

Mindfulogy, contraction of mindful technology, is a young startup harnessing state of the art science and tech to provide disrupting self-improvement solutions.

The Zen Vibez is their first product, it harnesses neurosciences and advanced haptic technologies to bring everyday self-improvement to everyone.

They hope this first product will change lives and will help make the world a slightly better place, but they also hope that thanks to their Indiegogo backers, it will only be the beginning of their journey, as they have even more exciting projects to come.

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