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The leader in mineral water, Mangiatorella offers the freshest and healthiest option straight from Italy.

For more than a century, the Mangiatorella source has been known to provide one of the healthiest, cleanest and best tasting water in all of Italy. Now, Borea Imports of New York has brought the source to you in the U.S. With both Natural and Sparkling water, elegantly designed glass bottles for fine dining, and plastic on-the-go type bottles, Mangiatorella can be a household staple to health and quality conscious consumers and diners.

Mangiatorella water dates back to the early 1900s when a study carried out by Pro. Gauthier of the Naples University demonstrated that Mangiatorella water was five times more efficient as to lightness and diuretic properties than the competitor. The fresh, clean, orderless and colorless water contains just 63 milligrams of minerals in one liter. The low mineralization distinguishes this water from all other, Italian and foreigners. 

Mangiatorella has real benefits like a low level of sodium, balanced pH value, low hardness and low TDS, which is optimal for daily consumption. Numeral studies and scientific experiments confirm Mangiatorella water helps eliminate the toxins accumulated in the organism.

On top of health benefits, its Italian design meets specific needs in class and beauty guaranteed to be unique. Mangiatorella bottles have ergonomic lines and modern elegant labels that distinguish them. With a range of all PET sizes dedicated to catering, it allows for the recovery of bottles, greater convenience and important energy savings. 

In 2012, Altroconsumo magazine ranked Mangiatorella as “Number 1 Mineral Water in Italy”.

Mangiatorella SpA is a 110-year-old bottled water company from the Calabria Region of Italy. They have a full line of products, which includes large glass bottles, sport size plastic water bottles, iced teas, and much more.

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