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Burn B Gone is the “Swiss Army Knife” of skin care.
“Swiss Amry Knife” is a registered trademark of the Wenger S.A. Corp., Switzerland.

Burn B Gone® is a family formula that was developed to help people when accidents happen. Whether you are exposed to too much sun, involved in a job site incident, or wanting to avoid severe scarring after an operation, Burn B Gone® can help!

It is an advanced hydrophilic (water based) gel used to soothe, relieve and revitalize skin from burns, wounds and scars. Strong enough for the U.S. Military and doctor recommended, Burn B Gone® is unlike any other product on the market today! When applied, it creates a protective barrier over the irritated area which allows the other ingredients to be absorbed into the skin healing the cells from the inside out, and because Burn B Gone® is biodegradable, Eco-reef friendly and lidocaine free, it is safe for use in the kitchen. This means that no longer do Chefs or anyone preparing food need to worry about cross-contamination from lidocaine (which is known to create a risk of negative cardiovascular effects).

Burn B Gone® has been proven to successfully treat skin conditions ranging from bug bites to new tattoos to burns to post surgical scaring to name a few. Manufactured by DeWitt Laboratories, Burn B Gone® versatility is due to two reasons. The first is the high quality ingredients (which undergo three levels of quality control before being packaged and shipped). If one piece of the puzzle is altered or removed, the product loses its effectiveness, we know, we’ve tried. The second factor that enables Burn B Gone® superiority over competitors and individuality on the marketplace is how it works.

As earlier mentioned and similar to aloe products, it creates an initial barrier over the traumatized area. The Burn B Gone® difference is that unlike aloe products which only relieve skin cells and show no benefits towards healing, Burn B Gone® continues to work. As it is absorbed into the skin, it soothes and rejuvenates the lower layers of the dermis. This provides the ideal healing environment for skin recovery and is why Burn B Gone® should be the product you reach for when accidents happen!

Join our efforts in helping people when accidents happen. Together we can spread the word about the positive effects Burn B Gone® can have for people everywhere. Burn B Gone®, we guarantee if you try it once, you will love it for life!

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