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Taste the Wyoming!
Introducing its line of convenient All Natural healthy protein snacks, Wyoming Gourmet Beef has launched three nutritious premium beef sticks: Cowboy Hickory Smoked, Jalapeno, and Ginger & Garlic.
Wyoming Gourmet Beef prides itself on creating quick, healthy snacks that are gluten free and have no added hormones, antibiotics, fillers, MSG or nitrites. Whether you need a high energy snack for children, the gym, or a satisfying snack for a hiking or hunting trip, our premium beef sticks are a great source of protein.
Our premium beef sticks are made from All Natural USDA Choice Angus beef and sourced exclusively from Wyoming ranches. Our ranchers must meet strict criteria and we can tell you which ranch produced the beef for our various products. In addition to our healthy, premium beef sticks, Wyoming Gourmet Beef provides high-qualiy products including beef jerky, steaks, roasts, hamburgers and franks. Its cattle are born and raised on Wyoming ranches, are humanely treated and only eat grass and grains. 
“We worked closely with our consultant when first developing our beef sticks and insisted that no artificial ingredients, nitrites or MSG be used,” said David Fales, owner of Wyoming Gourmet Beef. “At first he didn’t think it could be done and still have a quality product. After testing several options, he was very pleased to have created a way to produce a tasty, healthy product without artificial ingredients. Where most beef sticks with artificial ingredients can be cooked in 6 hours, ours are slow-cooked for 24 hours.”
Wyoming Gourmet Beef and its USDA processing plant are located in Cody, Wyoming. (

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Media Contact
Company Name: Wyoming Gourmet Beef
Contact Person: David A. Fales – CEO
Phone: (307) 587-9841
Address:P.O. Box 2212, 2517 LT Childers Street
City: Cody
State: Wyoming
Country: United States