ThinkSuite Brainware Launches on Kickstarter

Champaign, IL – Synaptitude is preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign for their new product, ThinkSuite. The team is building applications with all your favorite features that are easy to use, but are also designed to use neurofeedback to bring added benefits. By tracking your moods and habits, this software adapts to help affect your behaviour.  

“We have all had trouble focusing, and most of us spend a lot of our time on computers,” explains the team at Snaptitude, “That’s why we created ThinkSuite, a collection of applications to improve focus, mood, and knowledge retention, without changing our routines!”

ThinkSuite is currently working on three different applications – an e-book reader called AlphaBKZ, BrainBeats music player, and FocusFuel focus trainer. These applications will be available on desktop for GNU/Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

BrainBeats, an emotion-based music player, monitors your preferences and can choose music based on your mood. The application also recommends new music based on what you like. With an EEG device BrainBeats can monitor your arousal and valence when you listen to different songs. 

AlphaBKZ, the e-book reader, can do things like generate flash cards for problem words and suggest books you will like. You can also enable your webcam so the software can track eye movements and monitor your focus while you read. 

With the FocusFuel focus trainer, which is currently in development, “You will be able to select applications you wish to give your attention to. During the time you are focusing on the appropriate applications, you will be gathering points. If you are highly focused, you will gain double points. If you are moderately focused you will gain points at a regular rate, and not focusing will lose you points.”

FocusFuel will give ratings on your focus that you can compare with friends. Together these applications make up ThinkSuite, which will be available on Kickstarter soon. Synaptitude will offer a basic edition as well as premium subscriptions. 

“1 in 5 have considerable trouble focusing, that’s why we created ThinkSuite!” explains the company. “An alternative method to improve focus, mood and knowledge retention, without impacting your day-to-day activities.”

ThinkSuite Basic will be available for a one-time price of $50, while ThinkSuite Premium is a $180 subscription through our Kickstarter early-bird special. This deal is great compared to other software that uses EEG devices, which can add up to thousands of dollars. For more information or to keep track of this campaign you can check out Synaptitude’s Facebook page here

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