How to Take Care of Dogs in Apartments

How to Take Care of Dogs in Apartments

Your dog is probably one of your best friends, and as such, their happiness and health are paramount to you. Living in an apartment can be a special challenge for some pet owners depending on the apartment’s size and your dog’s size. There is no doubt today’s evidence is that millennials are prioritizing pets as number one or two in their daily lives and want to take care of them. To do so, it is vital he/she gets proper exercise at some time during each day if possible, especially during the puppy phase of life (up to one-and-a-half years of age). Having a nice long walk together, playing frisbee in a game of catch, or taking him/her to a dog park strengthens your relationship and you both get a workout. The challenge is finding the time. Whether single or married, one or both of you work, and that can mean hours away from home, leaving him/her alone in a small area. After work, you may be too tired, or not want to go out in the dark. 

Today’s Pet Has More Choices

Pets offer so much more than a playmate for children and adults. Studies show they enhance a home’s feeling of warmth, they soothe anxiety, they are a part of the family. This is, of course, the reason why taking out a pet insurance policy is on the rise. You can learn more here. First introduced in the US in 1981 as an option for pet owners by 2005 Founder of Pets Best Dr. Jack Stephens, the purchasing of policies has exploded with up to two million insured pets as of 2017 stats! The number of companies offering insurance has therefore increased as well. The newest employee benefit being offered by some companies is health insurance for their pets!

Living a Long Life

You’ll want your dog to live with you forever but we also know that’s an impossible expectation. When we first take a look at a Pet Year vs Human Year age table, it can look bleak. A five-year-old dog has aged as much as a 41-year-old person, depending on dog size (smaller aging slower). Life happens, and pets can get ill in a variety of ways. Hopefully, an infection can be treated with antibiotics successfully and quickly. There are also cancers that can invade and overtake a pet, and treatment can be expensive and long-term. Millennials especially have so much researching technology to aid in understanding symptoms, finding out how important diet and exercise is, and thereby continuing to highly prioritize your pet’s health. This is currently one of the most loving acts you can do for your pet… and you!

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