Lassalle using creativity and ingenuity to penetrate the fashion industry

Lassalle using creativity and ingenuity to penetrate the fashion industry

New York-based celebrity fashion stylist, Steven Lassalle, continues to use his wealth of experience and knowledge to bring a unique twist to the world of fashion

Steven Lassalle, popularly known as Lassalle, has been able to create a niche for himself in the industry, working in the fashion and beauty sector for over 15 years. Lassalle has always had fashion in his DNA, with a passion for fashion and design that become very evident at a very young age, consequently enabling him to provide a new and unique direction within the Fashion industry.

Over the years, the New York native has literally penetrated the industry, holding several positions across the fashion industry. The celebrity fashion stylist began his career as a men and women’s apparel and designer for brands such as J. Crew, Chico’s, Calvin Klein, and Vera Wang among others. He has become popularly over the years, working closely with top producers, creative directors, editors and photographers with the likes of Wyclef Jean, Dr. Oz, Derek Hough, and David Cook among some of the influential media personalities and celebrities on his list of clientele.

Lassalle’s inimitable eye for fashion, color and pattern, matched with his knowledge of hair and make-up artistry has made him the go-to fashion solutions provider with his unique story telling ability earning him the role of a fashion editor for several fashion and lifestyle magazines, such as Civilian, QP, and Loot and Riot. He is also known for working with R&B, rap and hip hop artists, creating the ‘Street style meets Hollywood glam’ style code. Some of his previous clients include Jazzy Amra, Abla Sofy, Estelle, Trill Sammy, Chinese Kitty, Mozart La Para, Dinah Jane, and more. 

His amazing transition from designer to creative director has allowed him to broaden his artistic vision with his unique story telling ability making his concepts for campaigns, product launches, advertising and brand initiatives truly distinct.  His work on e-commerce, music videos, editorials and magazine covers play into his creative narrative, a story that is still being written and on the rise.

As the creative director and fashion editor for several life and style publications, Lassalle has written many articles that exemplify his fashion expertise. He Lassalle writes on topics of seasonal trend and style guides, cultural streetwear, men and women’s swimwear, decoding your body type, as well as holiday trends and gift guides. His in-depth knowledge of fashion history and cultural significance of textiles and patterns help him to speak the language of different style perspectives.

Lassalle is always available as a guest contributor for publications that discuss trend reporting and forecasting, style by way of culture, holiday gift guides, men and women’s swimwear and streetwear, body specific decoding, advertorial content, and other style-related conversations.

More information about this Talent and his projects can be found on his website.

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