GrowthBond Is Using AI To Level The Global Playing Field In Funding

With ignored economies and minorities receiving a tiny fraction of business funding globally, it’s no wonder that entrepreneurs worldwide are hungry for new sources of funding to propel the much-needed growth in emerging markets. GrowthBond, led by Ferdinand Kjaerulff is answering the call for those small businesses in the developing world currently being denied access to capital from the traditional banking system.

Ferdinand Kjaerulff is no stranger to spotting market opportunities in emerging markets, before the age of 30, he had already started several companies in South East Asia and the Middle East. Several of the companies were fuelled by internet marketing. Building these internet companies, through low-cost user acquisition on Facebook and Google, gave Ferdinand valuable insight into developing fast growth businesses. He later came to realize that the majority of the dollars raised by companies from venture capital in the US and EU was being spent on Facebook and Google ads. Bank loans are not a better alternative as they require personal guarantees which result in business owners having to put up their home on the line in order to fund their business. 

This is where GrowthBond comes in. GrowthBond is a new approach to offer capital for entrepreneurs that uses AI to determine funding terms with a focus on unit economics and repayment through revenue as a way to get founders to access to the capital they need to fuel their growth. 

About Us:

GrowthBond uses a data-driven approach to determine the financial health of the company, to take the bias against developing countries out of the decision-making process and accelerate flows of capital to previously ignored countries. The GrowthBond platform connects to payment, ad and e-commerce platforms like Stripe, PayPal and Facebook and Adwords, to determine the company’s financial health and revenue trajectory. By using read-only access to the users’ accounts, GrowthBond reviews companies’ marketing and revenue data, monthly revenue, return on ad spend and unit economics to automate the diligence process and make a funding decision in minutes compared to a month in the traditional banking system. 

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