DeskCandy Chosen As “Kickstarter Staff Pick” Crowdfunding Campaign!

Showing Support For The First Ever Customizable Computer Stand

Atlanta, GA – Feb 23, 2015 – DeskCandy crowdfunding campaign has announced they have been chosen as a “Kickstarter Staff Pick”. Their Kickstarter campaign is to raise seed-money for manufacturing and distribution of the first ever customizable computer and laptop stand. They already have 87 backers. The goal is to raise $75,000 by March 17th. Once the campaign is successfully funded, they will begin shipping the DeskCandy to backers by early June.

Typical computer stands lack personality and flair. It is also not versatile and cannot accommodate all work spaces, which can be frustrating at times. This is why Scott Bragg, creator and founder of DeskCandy, developed a computer stand solution. It is not just any ordinary stand. Users can customize it with personalized graphics, wood finish, and color, allowing individuals to pick something that reflect their personality. It is durable with a unique ergonomic design to promote better posture. People can say goodbye to sore backs and hunched shoulders from working at a computer all day.

The DeskCandy design is based off of the sophisticated yet natural style of Apply computers. Scott and his team spent eight months researching the right design. They teamed with a reputable USA based craftsman to develop the final prototype and quality molds. DeskCandy also found a distributor waiting to ship this innovative solution to the world.

There is a computer stand prototype that can support up to thirty pounds. The laptop stand can prop up almost any laptop with ease. Those who spend there days in front of a computer desk can add their personality and customized stand. There is the option to pick different colors for the top and bottom. Individuals who do not want to design their own stand, but love the shape of it can choose between a light or dark wood finish.

Backers of the campaign will get an exclusive Kickstarter discount on the stand of  $69, which is normally retailed at $90. Also, supporters who give more than $10 will get an Idea Book. This is a special grey notebook where people can write their ideas down throughout the day. There are also other levels of attractive Kickstarter rewards to choose from as a thank you for the contribution.

To pre-order a DeskCandy today and show support for this amazing solution, please visit the campaign by clicking here. This is an “all-or-nothing” deal, so if they do not reach the goal the project cannot move forward.

For those who cannot make a donation, please share this on Facebook or Twitter. The more support and awareness the better! 

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Company Name: DeskCandy
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Phone: 770-298-3357
Country: United States