Project BMEUP Teleport – Game-Changing Technology in Space Pioneer

Project Will Make Teleportation Possible in the Next Three to Five Years

Palm Bay/Melbourne, Florida – Feb 23, 2015 – Jerry Greelis, retired Field Engineer and contractor at NASA, has announced his plans and strategy to make teleportation real in the next three to five years. The project is called BMEUP Teleport. His passion for modern science has compelled him to use his knowledge to create a quick and easy way to travel. However, a project of this magnitude needs funding. There is an IndieGoGo campaign which will help pay for everything needed to turn this science-fiction concept into reality. 

When NASA proposed they wanted to put man on the moon, everyone thought it would be impossible. Since then, there have been a total of twelve people who have landed safely on the moon. Now it is time to move onto the next place: Mars. In today’s society, the earth’s resources are being consumed at such a rapid rate that eventually the population will need to relocate elsewhere. This calls for everyone to join the space pioneer movement and begin making plans on how we will get to Mars. Jerry Greelis, creator and head of the BMEUP Teleport Project, is expanding the American dream to space by making teleportation a reality.  

Around the world, organizations and individuals are making plans to begin colonizing in Mars. Elon Musk, creator of the innovative car design Tesla and SpaceX has already announced he plans to put one million people on Mars and will offer Internet there. Mars One is still in the process of picking eight, four per trip, future astronauts to send a one-way ticket to Mars. The participants of the Mar’s program will work to make the planet habitable.

Greelis is part of the movement. He plans to make traveling between the two neighboring planets easier and possible within seconds. By using teleportation, the world’s population can relocate to Mar’s or the Moon. Even in today’s society, using this kind of technology in delivery packages would make it safe and efficient in the mailing system. The days of using drones will become a distant memory. The advancement and use of a teleportation device would help make many processes more efficient and convenient for everyone.

There is past evidence of teleportation. In the 1990’s, Chinese Children teleported objects by using brain waves and experiments during WWII were alleged  to teleport objects using Tesla’s technology. Both projects came very close to making this concept a reality. Now, with today’s advanced technology the possibility of succeeding is much higher.

The project to bring to life teleportation requires a funding campaign goal of $2 million, which must be met by April 15th, 2015. Capital raised will go to paying for the laboratory, scientists, equipment, and proto-types.

Based on the level of contribution, backers will receive a boarding pass through the teleportation device to anywhere in the world. Supporters can choose to travel around Earth, Moon, or Mars when the project is completed.

For those who cannot make a donation, but believe in the project, please be sure to share this on Facebook and Twitter. This is an “all-or-nothing” deal, so if the campaign goal is not reached then it could take years before the project can move forward.

Be part of the space pioneer by making a contribution at the IndieGoGo campaign.

To watch a video on the project, please click here

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