Amazing Support, a London IT Company, Reveals Largest Cyber Threats

Amazing Support, a London IT Company, Reveals Largest Cyber Threats
Amazing Support is a London IT company that offers years of experience helping clients with IT issues. To go along with their offered IT services, Amazing Support has recently revealed and discussed the top four scariest cyber attack threats in the UK.

UK No matter where one is located in the world, people will always require support in the IT realm. Amazing Support was founded by multiple people who offer over ten years of experience in the IT field. The founders have seen the ups and downs of the field and decided that they could no longer set aside and let IT companies refuse to take responsibility for problems.

Recently, Amazing Support has revealed the four largest and scariest cyber security threats to businesses in the UK. Amazing Support states that those four largest threats are:

  • The ransomware/cryptolocker attack: These attackers work like a Trojan that is typically hidden in an email attachment. Once opened, the user is locked out from accessing files and their entire system is infected. The ransomware name comes from the ransom that victims are asked to pay to get back into the system.

  • Email phishing or whaling scams: This attack is a method used to gain access to sensitive business material. Attackers attempt to get information regarding credit cards or accounts with a fake email or a fake website that resembles a real one.

  • Online extortion: With online extortion, online attackers are using a form of blackmail. The attacker will make one think that they have access to accounts and will make threats against the victim.

  • Zero-day attacks: With the fourth and final method, attackers will specifically target a particular flaw within a system. One type of zero-day attack is zero-day vulnerability which uses an existing hole in the system. The other is a zero day exploit which uses the same vulnerability to install harmful software in the victim’s system.

Amazing Support prides themselves on the collective qualities and experience in the company by taking ownership of any and all issues that arise. This IT support company works above and beyond to catch potential issues before those issues spiral, and eventually become out of control. The IT support offered in London and Hertfordshire by Amazing Support provides proactive efforts to support all of those with IT needs in the region. Some of the services that Amazing Support offers include:

  • Managed IT and Security: The technical support team offers top notch customer service to match their experience to provide proactive support for IT services and security.

  • Cloud solutions: Amazing Support provides Cloud Solutions and cloud technology that allows users to access their company wherever they are.

  • IT Consultancy: The team at Amazing Support ensures that one’s IT system meets industry security and disaster recovery standards.

Amazing Support, located at 3rd Floor, 207 Regent St, London W1B 3HH, United Kingdom, offers the IT support that all individuals and businesses can benefit from. To read more regarding the four largest and scariest cyber security threats to businesses or to learn more about Amazing Support, visit their website, contact their office via phone at 0203-728-2555, or via email at

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