The “Charity Auction for Caring Teenagers” Gala Held by MGC TOKEN was Successfully Concluded

On May 19th, 2019, the MGC TOKEN charity gala hosted by British Investment Company BG-MF and MGC TOKEN was jointly held successfully in India. The gala attracted a large number of philanthropists and blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world. The activity has raised £500,000 in total, all of which has been donated to BG-MF charity center for global youth development. Simultaneously BG-MF charity center will also allocate one part of the donation to assist the poor in Africa and contribute to eradication of global poverty. 

MGC TOKEN charity gala aims at calling on more people to pay attention to children in distress and development of teenagers. The development of many young children is stunted around the world. They cannot accept normal education, and they don’t even have clothes to wear or food to eat.  The proceeds from the auction of MGC TOKEN charity gala will mostly be used for healthy development of teenagers, hoping to make a modest contribution to support the development of global philanthropy, and also calling on more philanthropists to join MGC TOKEN. 

The charity auction of the gala was divided into two rounds. John Morris as the key figure in BG-MF and Michael Mein as deputy director of BG-MF charity center were invited as guests at the auction. The auction raised a total of £500,000, all of which was donated to BG-MF charity center for development of global public welfare.

MGC TOKEN also added a lucky draw at the gala in order to give back to members and guests who have participated in the charity and hope to inspire them to continue to be involved in philanthropy. Meantime we wish to attract more members and guests to engage in public welfare undertakings through lucky draw. We believe that MGC TOKEN will continue to invest in public welfare in future and make contributions to global public welfare undertakings.

A total of £500,000 was raised that night, and Mr. John Morris handed a $500,000 check to Mr. Michael Mein. The remaining funds were already used to purchase food and daily necessities. The funds raised this time will be written into the blockchain. The fundraiser can clearly see where the money is going.

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