“Blockchain + Philanthropy = MGC TOKEN”, Which is what MGC TOKEN has been doing!

As the vane of this era, blockchain will construct a world full of trust. At present, there are many shortcomings in philanthropy. While by using blockchain, it can reduce the transaction cost of philanthropy, increase the transparency of charitable donations, and enhance the trust between donors and charitable organizations. MGC TOKEN has been committed to the combination of blockchain and philanthropy and has made some achievements.


On May 19, 2019, the MGC TOKEN Charity Dinner Party was held in India. Not only the global media friends, but also the core figures of BG-MF Company and charitable organizations, core leaders of MGC TOKEN India and global blockchain enthusiasts had attended the Dinner Party.

The theme of this Charity Dinner Party is a charity auction, and MGC TOKEN will use all the money raised at the dinner auction for charity. MGC TOKEN will continue to focus on the growth of young people around the world, while paying attention to the global elderly, and will allocate a portion of the funds to help the poor in Africa.

This charity auction was held in two rounds.

A total of £500,000 was raised as of the end of the Dinner Party, and Mr. John Morris, Global Fixed Income Asset Portfolio Manager of BG-MF, as the representative, presented a cheque of £500,000 to Mr. Michael Mein, Deputy Director of the BG-MF Charity Center.

The Dinner Party also added a lottery session. MGC TOKEN prepared rich prizes for the members and guests presented, including BMW 7 series, BMW x3 series, BMW 3 series and other prizes. Mr. John Morris superintended the prize drew and awarded prizes on-site.

After the awarding ceremony, the MGC TOKEN Charity Dinner Party was also coming to an end, and all the people took a group photo, marking the successful completion of the Charity Dinner Party.

The success of this Charity Dinner Party also marked an important step for MGC TOKEN in philanthropy. In the future, MGC TOKEN will continue to use blockchain technology to promote the development of global public welfare.

A total of £500,000 was raised that night, and Mr. John Morris handed a $500,000 check to Mr. Michael Mein. The remaining funds were already used to purchase food and daily necessities. The funds raised this time will be written into the blockchain. The fundraiser can clearly see where the money is going.

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