TDE Is Going To IPO In Hong Kong, Becoming The First Blockchain Listed Company

Boost industry confidence: blockchain companies apply to go public

TDE Is Going To IPO In Hong Kong, Becoming The First Blockchain Listed Company

As the blockchain market has warmed up recently, participants in the blockchain industry have been in a celebratory mood. In addition, a seemingly unremarkable news reported by many media recently:

TDE ecological foundation officially announced that it has entrusted Hong Kong yaocai securities to provide listing guidance, and issued a prospectus on May 15, formally starting the process of listing in Hong Kong.

This news may seem small, but it is actually a huge piece of news with significant positive implications. Why do you say that?

First, since the IPO application of several mining giants in the blockchain industry to the Hong Kong stock exchange failed, users inside and outside the industry are generally not optimistic about the listing of blockchain enterprises, and the industry confidence has suffered a blow. However, the news of TDE ecological communication released a very positive signal: high-quality enterprises in the blockchain industry did not stop their application for listing, which greatly enhanced the public’s confidence in companies in the blockchain industry.

Second, the application of blockchain companies to go public is a very correct and meaningful thing.

Blockchain industry is a very emerging industry for Volkswagen, and there are many misunderstandings about the public’s understanding of blockchain industry due to various reasons. This misunderstanding makes it difficult for blockchain to gain public recognition. If a blockchain company can successfully go public, it will be a shortcut recognized by the public and also a shortcut for blockchain to boost the development of the real economy.


We stand at this point in time to see the development of the Internet, the development of the Internet is the general trend, is an unstoppable historical process. But if you go back 20 years, how many people would take for granted that the Internet is the size it is today? It is no exaggeration to say that the Internet boom is bigger than anyone imagined 20 years ago. At that time, the Internet was also not recognized and accepted by the public. Without the help of the securities market, the process of the Internet being accepted by ordinary people, boosting the strength of economic development, and optimizing the social division of labor will inevitably be affected.

As many forward-thinking industry experts have said, blockchain today is like the Internet 20 years ago. From the point of view of investment, it is also a good case.

At the very beginning of the development of the Internet, it was supported by many venture capital institutions. After its development and implementation became clear, it applied to enter the securities market with compliance supervision.

Many well-known Internet and investment institutions, such as Facebook, jpmorgan chase, nasdaq exchange, intercontinental exchange and so on, have been deeply involved in the blockchain industry. At present, the blockchain industry is in the process of transferring from venture capital institutions to the securities market with compliance supervision, and the development of the blockchain industry has come to the stage that the securities market is needed to boost.

If blockchain, an emerging industry, can have more and more companies listed, this is the mainstream and compliance capital market recognition of the important embodiment, on the one hand, this is an emerging industry from the concept of speculation into an important symbol of landing application; On the other hand, the public’s recognition of an emerging industry, to some extent, is to see whether the emerging industry has been recognized by the mainstream and compliant capital market.

Blockchain is currently in such a “singularity” that the first blockchain company to go public will be a landmark event for the whole industry.

Analysis on the listing failure of mining machinery giants in the blockchain industry

Several mining giants in the blockchain industry have failed in their IPO applications, which many believe is 100 percent bad news for the industry. This view is open to question.

The failure of listed giants in the industry will definitely affect the confidence of the whole industry in the short term. From this perspective, it is indeed a bad news.

If you look at it from another Angle, you can also see the failure of the listing, which brings some positive things to the industry.

First of all, as one of the first batch of companies to apply for listing in the industry, I got to know the whole process of applying for listing, which is a good reference for other companies in the industry to apply for listing.

Second, the listing application of giant companies in the blockchain industry has not been passed yet, which serves as a warning and spur for other companies in the same industry who want to go public. Only by making efforts to make the company bigger and stronger, and having sufficient strength, can the company have a chance to go public successfully.

Third, the reasons for the failure of listing can provide reference lessons for other companies in the industry. The main reason for the failure of the listing application is that the main business is relatively single, and its revenue is closely related to the rise and fall of the crypto market. If the market enters a bear market, the mining machinery business will be greatly affected, and the risk of loss or even bankruptcy is extremely high.

Other companies in the industry must avoid such pitfalls if they are to go public successfully. Only the virtual to the real blockchain companies, there is more likely to be a successful listing.

Along the way, let’s take a look at whether TDE, a rising star in the blockchain industry, has learned from the previous experience.

According to the official website of TDE, TDE is the ecological general certificate of TD public chain, the carrier of realizing the payment, transaction and circulation of digital assets of TD public chain, and the key to closing the cycle of the digital asset ecosystem of TD public chain. TD is an organic integration of payment, transaction, mall, financial management, insurance, medical, entertainment, public welfare as one of the underlying public chain.

In short, TDE is closely related to the real industry through ecology and ordinary consumers. It is an ecological network from virtual to real. Its revenue depends on its own profitability and has no direct relationship with the fluctuations of the cryptocurrency market.

Just think, some basic life service needs are cut at present. To travel, we need to find specialized travel companies, medical services need to find corresponding medical institutions, and different competitions and performances need to find different service platforms. For this reason, people need to register and manage multiple accounts, and they need to switch between different accounts. The operation is tedious and painstaking. Moreover, these accounts are in different centralized institutions, and it is difficult to deposit personal digital information such as personal credit and assets.

In contrast, TDE ecological platform provides users with one-stop innovative solutions under various life scenarios. Common demands in life are organically covered, which not only provides users with great convenience, but also maximizes the utility of users’ various resources within the ecological platform.

From the above two points of view, TDE ecological, not only to achieve the virtual to the real, revenue and cryptographic market volatility has no direct relationship, but also to provide users with a more complete set of life service solutions. Several big mining machinery manufacturers ignored these two points, is the main reason for its listing failure.

Of course, we cannot say that the listing application of TDE will definitely be approved, but we have seen the optimistic and active attitude and quick response ability of the whole blockchain industry in dealing with the listing. With such a cognitive attitude, the first successful listed company in the blockchain industry will not keep us waiting for too long.


TDE ecological has actively started the listing process of Hong Kong stock exchange, which is a significant positive for the blockchain industry and greatly boosts the information of users in the industry.

TDE Is Going To IPO In Hong Kong, Becoming The First Blockchain Listed Company

TDE general ecology is the first key incubation project of Catalyst Chain Valley, a high-end incubator focusing on the blockchain industry in China. In addition, based on the experience of previous blockchain industry listing application failure, Hong Kong stock exchange, which has relatively clear listing rules for the blockchain industry, applies for listing; In the recovery of the crypto market, the launch of the listing process, TDE ecological listing application planning, can be said to have the right place and the right time, for the successful listing laid a very good foundation.

Many Internet companies and financial institutions have been in the depth of block chain layout, transformation and application of block chain industry has from the hype landing stage, combined with block chain company treats listed proactive attitude, rapid decision-making ability, believe that we will soon be able to block chain company successful listing of good news.

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