Useful tips on how to perform a thorough water tank cleaning

Useful tips on how to perform a thorough water tank cleaning

“Water Tank Cleaning”
Summerland Water Tank Sdn Bhd is providing one of the best water tank cleaning services in Malaysia. They are the pioneer in this industry, with over 30 years of experience in water tank cleaning & water tank repairing. Summerland Water Tank are able to provide a comprehensive water tank & water system solutions for any buildings in Malaysia particularly in Klang Valley.

The regular cleaning of the water tank or any water storage tank is absolutely necessary. The cleanliness and quality of the water is mainly due to its container, therefore people should not neglect and ignore the importance of water tank cleaning.

People do not know the accumulated dirt, algae and fungus inside the water tank could have produced the bad tastes, odors and deadly bacteria. The water tank cleaning could be a difficult task, thus, getting a professional water tank cleaning service is might just what people need.

Here are some useful tips on how to perform a thorough water tank cleaning.

1. Empty the water tank

The surroundings of the water tank and the exterior of the water tank has to be cleaned. Therefore, the water that is stored in the water tank should be drained out.

2. Water tank scrubbing

After draining the water storage tank, one must remember to use the disinfected tools during the cleaning of water tanks. Scrub to remove the dirt, fungus and stains in the floors and walls of the water tank and wash it again using the high pressure jet.

3. Vacuum the water tank

The dirt and corrosion debris is hard to remove totally from the corner, gap and joint of the water tank’s panel and inner structures. Vacuum is a perfect method to clean up the water tank in these conditions.

4. Water tank repair and treatment

Inspect the water tank, water tank repairing might require if there is any cracked or leakages on the water tank itself. Corrosion treatment is much needed in order to get the water tank fully cleaned and disinfected.

5. Disinfecting the water tank

People can opt for water tank coating, however the anti-bacterial spray or liquid bleach for disinfecting the tank is necessary to ensure that the tank is purified and free of germs. Once this is done, filled the water tank with water, let the water to run through for several rounds.

As the water tank specialist in Malaysia, Summerland Water Tank Sdn Bhd wish to spread the right information and useful tips to help and assist people in getting a better and cleaner water resources.

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