The 40 Foot Storage Containers At The Construction Industry’s Biggest Event

The 40 Foot Storage Containers At The Construction Industry\'s Biggest Event

What comes to your mind when you think of February? Valentines’ Day maybe. But if you’re in the construction industry there are probably some other things that ring a bell during February. That would be one of the biggest events for the entire construction industry. Heavy equipment auction month happens in February. In Orlando, Florida there is a mega event for those involved in the construction industry who are seeking heavy equipment. 

This grand construction event offers its attendants auctions. There’s the Jeff Martin auction, Yoder & Frey auction, Alex Lyon auction and many more. It is a great event for builders, contractors, business people and entrepreneurs who are perhaps are one of those people looking for 50 small businesses to start in a shipping container. Because this event has everything any construction fanatic would want. 

From February 10 to 23 over two hundred and fifty acres, construction workers bid on some of the best heavy equipment money can buy. Both brand new and pre-used machines are available for attendees to purchase. Over fifteen thousand bidders bid for around thirteen thousand different pieces of heavy equipment at this year’s auction event. There were trucking companies that attended to help buyers haul their equipment away.

If you look into Conexwest heavy equipment and construction, they cater to everything you would ever need. It is one of the best places to find equipment that is a lot friendlier on your budget than big box stores. This is the place where you find out how to grow your business or career in the construction sector. 

Auction events like this one are very important to contractors and construction workers. This event offers some of the best prices for very expensive machinery. Construction spending totals over one trillion dollars. Thus, there are many people looking for great deals to buy the machinery and supplies needed to run their construction company. 

This annual February event is more than just a construction extravaganza. This event embodies a sense of community where people from different states join together in Orlando. Spouses, children and entire families come to this event. The event has people from multiple generations who all share a common interest in construction.

Who knew February was one of the biggest months for people who work in construction? Better yet, who knew one of the biggest events for the entire construction sector took place in Orlando, Florida and offered every piece of heavy equipment imaginable. Small businesses, entrepreneurs and other construction professionals benefit greatly from this annual auction event. This event is looked forward to with so much excitement some are titling this event as a “spring break” for those working in the construction sector. 

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