Wigzi Leashes: Comfort and Strength for Both Ends of the Leash

Wigzi leashes make dog walking easier and more enjoyable for any dog owner. Retractable, reflective, gel-handled leashes bring innovation to an everyday pet item.

Sore, fatigue hands no more! The new retractable Wigzi Gel Leash has a special handle that reduces hand fatigue so that your dog walking routine is manageable and enjoyable, not a daily tug-of-war. Gel leashes are packed with lots of soft gel; this innovative product is unique to Wigzi because no other retractable leash comes equipped with a gel handle.  Leashes come in colors blue and red. There’s also the reflective leash, with super-bright front and side reflective panels so that you ensure visibility for your dog if your schedule means that the walking begins early in the morning or later at night when it might otherwise be hard to see. All the leashes will last for years thanks to their high-quality manufacturing. 

Wigzi leashes are sized to accommodate dogs with weights ranging up to 110 pounds; the tape lead extends to 16 feet. If you have two dogs to walk, you’ll welcome the Wigzi dual doggie leash; the non-tangling retractable leash allows you to maintain individual control of each dog, ending the struggle of trying to manage two separate leashes at the same time.

Wigzi pledges itself to producing innovative dog leashes that set a new standard in creativity and quality so that your dog walking experience can be the best. Pledges co-founder Nathan Chefetz, “Wigzi will continue to deliver problem-solving features” so that the time you and your dog spend sharing the leash can be one of the most satisfying experiences of the day.

Wigzi’s profits also serve to expand their philanthropy: in 2015, $50,000 worth of Wigzi products has been donated to support animal shelters, along with a significant amount of money and their own personal time. 

Wigzi and its user-friendly leashes will be at the March 4-6 Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida. The Global Pet Expo is the pet industry’s largest annual trade show featuring the newest and most innovative products available in today’s pet market.


Wigzi (http://wigzi.com/content/4-about-wigzi) co-founders Nathan Chefetz and Cade Goldenberg started their company in 2007 when they combined their business acumen with their experience in creating pet products to use on their own pets Sonny and Wyatt. That combination of business knowledge and product innovation has paid off for the company and its customers, because they bring the love that they have for their pets into their product line.

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