Hubi token listing by voting “lower threshold, less cost, more complete services”, the 1st round is hotly started!

Hubi is a global digital asset exchange alliance, who provides global customers with one-stop trading platform with lower entry threshold, better services and higher liquidity.

To explore the most potential blockchain project, Hubi launched a new token listing by voting service, Token Week. Token Week is a set of cost-effective token listing services provided by Hubi to integrate ecological resources and provide high-quality blockchain projects with such services as candy airdrop, brand exposure, market value management, etc.

I. Token Week is hotly started.

After the launch of Token Week, Hubi received dozens of token listing by voting applications within a week. After layers of screening, five major projects including GMZ, LDC, XR, HDP and JLA were selected successfully, becoming the voting projects of Hubi’s 1st round Token Week!

On May 24, 2019, Hubi Token Week voting started, and participants will be rewarded for voting! Vote address: 

II. Advantages of Token Week Service

Comparison form of Token Week and other exchanges in token listing by voting

By comparing Token Week with other exchanges in token listing by voting, we can see that Token Week has 3 advantages of “low threshold, low cost and full service”.

1. Token Week: Low threshold

Low Threshold of Voting:

The project party only needs to fill in the application form for token listing and participate in Token Week’s Token Listing by Voting after being approved by Hubi.

Low Threshold of Launch:

Approved projects can get the opportunity to participate in Token Week’s Token Listing by Voting for 3 times. As long as the voting result ranks top 3 and the total number of votes is no less than 20,000 votes in Token Week’s 1st round, the project parties can have token listing on Hubi Exchange’s Innovation Zone.

2. Token Week: Low Cost

The project party only needs to provide the equivalent token of no less than 500,000 HUB as the voting awards for users. Compared with the voting fees of millions or even tens of millions of RMB in other exchanges, Token Week’s voting expenses can be said to be very cost-effective.

3. Full Service of Token Week

In addition, Token Week also provides the project parties with a set of cost-effective token listing services, including candy airdrops, brand exposure, market value management, etc.

Candy airdrops: after the project party signs the AGREEMENT OF TOKEN LISTING BY VOTING with Hubi and goes online for trading, candies will be airdropped to the users who participate in the Token Listing by Voting to improve the liquidity of the token.

Brand exposure: During Token Week’s pre-voting, voting and token listing services, Hubi will publicize the project through posters, copywriting and campaigns in domestic and foreign media, forums and communities. At the same time, in the process of building Token Week by Hubi, as a preferred case of Token Week, the Token Listing Project will receive strong brand publicity and exposure.

Project Services: Token Week select high-quality projects by voting, which will have online trading in Hubi Innovation Zone. Then Hubi will provide campaign planning, market-making services and market value management services; if the project token reaches certain conditions during trading in Hubi Innovation Zone, it will be upgraded to Hubi main board trading.

III. Service Cycle of Token Week

Token Week’s service cycle is divided into pre-voting, voting and token listing periods.

Pre-voting: during the pre-voting period, Hubi will announce the voting projects in the form of announcements, and publish posters on the front page of the website, major media and communities.

Voting: After the opening of the vote, Hubi will guide users to vote and publicize the voting projects in the major media and communities. After the voting, Hubi will publish the results of the voting, as well as the information about the projects’ launch time, the opening time of deposit and withdrawal, the release time of voting awards, and publicize the token listing projects in the form of articles and posters.

Token Listing: After projects’ token listing, Hubi will provide market value management for the project parties, and organize trade ranking competitions, deposit awards and other campaigns.

Token Week has as many as 50 + domestic and 60 + overseas cooperative media, and it is expected to provide 25 million exposures for projects during its entire service period.

The 2nd round of Hubi Token Week is under hot registration, please contact official customer service (WeChat: HubiGlobal) for registration.

Hubi Exchange supports compatibility of cross-chains and multi-currencies, providing one-stop management and trading of blockchain digital assets. Now Hubi supports BTC and its side-chain projects, and access to the underlying public chain projects such as ETH, EOS, TRON, Cardano, Ontology, NEO, Tezos, Lisk, Nebulas, Zilliqa, Qtum. Hubi Token Week makes it easy for project parties to have Token Listing by Voting with “lower threshold, less cost and more complete service”!

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