The OAS Data Historian Now Supports the InfluxDB Time Series Database Engine

The leading IIoT solutions provider, Open Automation Software has updated its Data Historian to support the InfluxDB Time Series Database engine. The globally recognized name in the field of IoT and industrial automation has developed Data Historian software that enables customers to log data to SQL Server, Oracle, Access, MySQL, Azure SQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, MariaDB, SQLite, InfluxDB, and CSV files.

This high-speed software makes it possible to log IIoT data to multiple destinations at once with Store and Forward functionality to local and remote databases in an open format. The system is capable of storing the huge volumes of data generated from today’s industrial facilities and provides real-time intelligence solutions. By storing and forwarding high-fidelity industrial data, Data Historian system can help in analyzing the information from a diversity of Plant floor and business sources to unlock the trapped potential for operational improvements.

The system developer at Open Automation Software said, “The OAS Data Historian software program records and retrieves business and production data in a time series database that can be displayed as tabular data over a time range. The data source can be local or remote and the system ensures that your database will not be exposed. The users can setup interfaces of their Industry 4.0 data from Siemens S7 controllers, Allen Bradley controllers, Modbus devices, Classic OPC, and OPC UA servers. We have designed the software with an in-built store and forward feature which means there’s no risk of losing your records if the network or database engine fails. This happens because the OAS Data Historian buffers data in real time. In an event of communication failure, the data will get transferred quickly the moment communications are reestablished. The system is capable of processing and retaining data at the source for up to 1 million data points per OAS Data Engine. This was made possible by implementing edge computing with its Distributed Network Architecture.”

The OAS Data Historian has applications in various different industries such as agriculture, food processing, automobile manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and sugar refining plants. It is already a vital part of systems used in several processes like quality control, boiler controls, power plant, environmental control, and water management. The system is helping industries in analyzing a tank level, fan temperature, a network bandwidth, and much more to evaluate its operation, efficiency, and profitability. Businesses can correlate data over time, such as day shift vs. night shift. Also, Data Historian provides users the answer to what went wrong.

Another impressive feature of OAS Data Historian is its ability to log data in an open format so that users can access it either with their own or 3rd party tools for reporting or analytics. “The system is capable to log to more than 10,000 separate tables per server with above 100 nanosecond resolution. The users can log up to 1 million records per call to local or remote SQL Server. Moreover, the logged data can be visualized in HMIs and other applications,” says OAS system developer.

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