Louis Tocchet Announces to Fans New TV Pilot “Peddler”

Drama About One Man’s Fight to Make It in Hollywood as a Novel Writer

Los Angeles, CA – Feb 24, 2015 – Louis Tocchet has released a short synopsis of his new television script “Peddler”. This is a drama that highlights a life full drugs, addiction, and tragedy as a young writer tries desperately to make ends meet. Louis has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise seed money to make this show a reality. The goal is $25,000 by March 22nd, 2015. 

Tocchet is a graduate from UCLA film school and is a passionate film-maker. He has worked on a number of successful feature films and shows like “Arrested Development” and “Titanic”. Louis has learned and worked by talented legends in the film and photography industry like the Eastwood and Weston families, Steven Spielberg, and other Hollywood greats. Tocchet is excited to bring to show business a new compelling story that relates to a media-driven culture and drug-using society. 

The script begins with a young writer named Crawford Boyle, an aspiring writer who dreams of writing the great American novel. The story takes audiences on a journey as he struggles to make ends meet in the glamorous Hollywood by turning to drug dealing. His life spirals out of control as he intertwines in the drug world. Crawford losses his innocence along the way as he falls into the world full of narcotics, violence, and affliction.


“Peddler” is a unique cinematic storytelling of tragedy and triumph with a hint of comical humor. They plan to get the show into the hands of leading networks and providers in the market. To begin filming the show, they need help from supporters. Funds from the campaign will go towards finding a talented cast, hardworking experienced crew, quality equipment, and other expenses to bring this show to the small screen.

Help bring this incredible show to audiences around the nation by making a contribution at their Kickstarter campaign. Backers can choose from a variety of great rewards that are exclusive on Kickstarter.

Those who cannot give, please show support by sharing the campaign on Facebook and Twitter. The more people know about this amazing show the better!

For a biography of Louis Tocchet, please click here.

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