Organic pest control company in Anaheim prevents unnecessary exposure to harmful bug poison

Organic pest control company in Anaheim prevents unnecessary exposure to harmful bug poison
Termite control through Treebark is a safe way to kill bugs.

Anaheim, CA – Treebark Termite and Pest Control uses organic products to kill bugs, instead of artificial, lab-tested drugs which often prove to be harmful to humans, plants and animals. Their pest control service is located in southern California, specifically Anaheim. The company offers an industry exclusive organic pest control service and naturally derived termite control service.

One of the services that the company offers is called Termite Final which includes termite control services. Their website defines this service to “offer the highest level of protection from termites for your family, friends and pets”. This service is aimed to meet each client’s needs effectively in order to protect one of their most important investments, both financial and emotional, their homes. Treebark Final Termite Control Services ensure that a client’s home is monitored and treated by highly trained technicians to have the best results. The evaluation is also done over multiple years with frequent monthly visits if there is a need.


The second service the company offers is their Treebark Pest Control Service which includes a program that addresses specific conditions of the place. It will begin with a comprehensive, detailed on-site inspection and then it will lead to customised, scientific solutions which would meet the needs of your homes and address the issues completely. The important aspect to note about this service is the use of Organic IPM and products based on natural compounds which would not harm anything else other than the pests and termites themselves.

A notable thing about Treebark Termite and Pest Control is the inclusion of free inspections and estimates and free guides to help people make the best choice when it comes to their houses. As every place is different and unique, it has different issues. The company does not have a one-choice-for-all policy and they diligently work according to the required conditions and situation. Moreover, there is a promotional offer organised by the company which offers their “Treebark Final” service at $200, at the mention of this press release. Treebark Termite and Pest Control in Anaheim does not try to hide or play down the cost of their services; there is a blunt admittance to the services being relatively expensive which is primarily due to the use of organic products, as compared to harmful, toxic drugs.

About the company:

Treebark Termite and Pest Control was founded by Aaron Cunningham. The main purpose of the company was to come up with safe alternatives to termite and pest control drugs as these products were harmful to humans, animals and plants. Cunningham looked into Treebark and tested it which eventually resulted in industry exclusive product that the company uses. Cunningham noted that while the pest control poisons are said to be safe, they are scientifically proven to be harmful and over time become less effective as bugs’ resistance grows stronger. Treebark Termite and Pest Control services employ organic products which prove to be more effective, safe and environmentally friendly as well.

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