Oreo Collaborating with Tmall Super Brand Day: Play with the Whole World!

On May 23, Oreo held its Super Brand Day on Tmall, during which Oreo released a new series of products called “China Six Flavors”, fusing traditional Chinese flavors with Western baking techniques and co-branding with Palace Museum Food Company. This Super Brand Day also featured a flash mobin New York which took “A Moving Forbidden City” as the theme, and a Celebrity Talk Show in Beijing. During the Super Brand Day, Chinese and Western cultures integrated, fully displaying Oreo’s brand spirit of “Stay Playful” in the process of innovating and localizing products in China. The Weibo super topic for Oreo’s Tmall Super Brand Day, “Oreo has entered the Forbidden City,” has been read 780 million times and has indeed resulted in a heated discussion on the Internet.

The conversion rate of this year’s Oreo Tmall Super Brand Day was remarkable. On the very day of the event, 760,000 of the Tmall-exclusive Oreo bulk packs were sold at a spectacular speed. The Forbidden-City-themed biscuits sold could encircle the Forbidden City 33 times. The volume of business of the Oreo Tmall Flagship Store was 30% larger than that in 2018, and ranked No.1 in the snacks industry that day. On the Super Brand Day, the store attracted 26,000 new subscribers, which is more than the total number of subscribers during the past year.

Integrating Chinese and Western Cultures: New Products Release of Oreo & Palace Museum Food Company

The Forbidden City, one of the most popular cultural icons in the creative industry currently, is widely recognized among young consumers. Thus the six new flavor biscuits that Oreo released in collaboration with Palace Museum Food Company cater toyoung consumers’ preferences and were widely acclaimed upon release.

The “Red Bean” is reminiscent of the poetic red beans as symbols of yearning for love, and it is also related to the filling of kidney bean rolls, a favorite dessert of Empress Dowager Cixi. The rose in the “Lychee-Rose Cake Flavor” was not only exclusive to the imperial court, but it was also beloved of Emperor Kangxi. As for the “Chinese Hawthorn Flavor”, hawthorn became popular in imperial courts as early as the reign of Emperor Guangzong of Song, when it was rumored that hawthorn cured imperial concubines of anorexia. The “Green Tea Cake Flavor” is inspired by China’s national drink green tea, which is loved by Chinese intellectuals and entered imperial courts as well. The status of the green tea in the imperial courts is confirmed by the numerous stories of the emperor and his subjects substituting tea for wine. The “Roast Pork Pastry Flavor” is a major improvement on the traditional recipe. In the exotic “Pepper Cake Flavor,” the pepper traditionally transported from China’s Western Regions used to be exclusively enjoyed by the royal family.

On this year’s Oreo Tmall Super Brand Day, by collaborating with Palace Museum Food Company, Oreo has not only given itself multi-dimensional cultural significance, but also strengthened consumers’ brand awareness.

“Stay Playful” with Target Consumers: Promoting Differentiation in Brand Awareness

In the Internet age, one of the prioritized tasks of this year’s Oreo Tmall Super Brand Day is to reach out to young consumers and to initiate face-to-face dialogues with the youth.

During the pre-marketing period, Oreo Tmall Super Brand Day invited stars and young KOLs to a round-table discussion about Chinese dietary culture in order to introduce the new products to young people in a context of equal communication, which greatly reduced any potential dislike the consumers may have of the new products and which enabled the new products to be accepted within certain circles.

On the Oreo Tmall Super Brand Day, a special edition of “My Favorite” music box,co-branding with Palace Museum Food Company, was released online, which granted Oreo’s traditional music box a sense of “imperial court music.” The release of this new product transcended the boundaries between different industries and consolidated the current consumer base of the Oreo Tmall Super Brand Day.

In addition, packaging plays a crucial role in consumer behavior. The decoration of the new products is inspired by the painting “Twelve Beauties of Emperor Yongzheng” owned by the Palace Museum, which bestows deeper cultural significance and additional value on the products.

By actively listening to the thoughts and catering to the needs of the youth, by developing derivative products for surprise, and by creating a sense of ritual with exquisitely designed packaging, this year’s Oreo Tmall Super Brand Day successfully reached out to the young consumers and stayed playful with them. These measures also helped to form unique brand characteristics that are easy to remember and to promote differentiation in brand awareness.

A Strong Output of Chinese Culture Continuously Boosts Brand Innovation

On May 19th, the van for Oreo Tmall Super Brand Day, “A Moving Forbidden City” passed landmarks in New York such as the Central Square and the Statue of Liberty.

At the event, models in traditional Chinese costumes acted out ancient Chinese rituals, vividly illustrating Chinese culture and attracting numerous imitators from the audience. The Tmall-exclusive “Oreo China Six Flavors” gift boxes also received wide acclaim from passers-by with their exquisite traditional Chinese flavors and aesthetics.

Young consumers have gradually become the driving force in the entire consumer community. To reach out to the youth, mere slogans are insufficient, but one must obtain young people’s approval and acclaim. During this year’s Tmall Super Brand Day, by marketing strategies such as organizing an overseas flash mob, soliciting the endorsement of young KOLs, and releasing new products that transcend boundaries, Oreo has constructed a complete “new image” for the brand. The huge success of the Tmall Super Brand Day is inseparable from Oreo’s efforts to communicate and interact with its young consumers.

This year it is the fourth time that Oreo has participated in the annual Tmall Super Brand Day. So far Oreo has adopted various marketing methods during this event, such as the Oreo color filled, the Oreo music box, the Oreo DJ Box, and this year’s Oreo “China Six Flavors” collaboration. We have ample reason to believe that in the future, Oreo Tmall Super Brand Day will continue to evolve its marketing strategies in order to bring greater fun and surprise to its consumers.

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