The birth of Showme Entertainment, “new species” of World-class cultural tourism created by its founder Li Chi

In early 2019, the United Nations issued the “World Economic Situation and Prospects 2019”. The report states that the economic growth of the United States is expected to slow to 2.5% in 2019 and to 2% in 2020. The EU economy is expected to grow steadily at a rate of 2%, despite downside risks with the possible impact of Brexit. China’s economic growth will slow from 6.6% in 2018 down to 6.3% in 2019. It is quite obvious that the world economic situation is still beyond optimism.

As a Chinese saying goes, to forge iron, one must be strong. No matter how the world economy shakes, in the current era of economic globalization, if enterprises want to survive and develop better, they must attain great strength and perform themselves well.

A successful enterprise must realize the importance of adapting to globalization from the beginning. In 2018, Showme Entertainment, an international-oriented culture and entertainment brand, was successfully established in China. From its inception, Li Chi, thefounder, has decided the brand concept of “Performing Arts in All Dimensions, Happiness Everywhere”. According to his concept,Showmewill build itself into a large cultural & entertaining industry complex that integrates multi-space rendition, show sites, cultural & entertaining tourism,animal presentation, children’s drama, films and TV drama as well as animations, providing “one-stop” high-quality services for a global audience.

In 2018, tourism contributed $8.8 trillion to the global economy, equivalent to 10.4% of the global GDP. As tourism becomes the pillar of global economic development day by day, the contents are the core competitiveness in order to become eminent among worldwide tourist attractions. As a world-class international entertainments manufacturer, Showme Entertainment is determined to create blockbusting IP and to produce original contents with admirable brand effect. That’s why Li Chi, the founder, has integrated top international cultural & entertaining resources and world-class top creative teams, and maintained strategic cooperation with many international institutions in terms of IP resources, industry resources and so on, in an effort to bring better contents and perfect touring experiences to the audience.

The secrets and elements of success for a brand are diverse. No matter in brand orientation, in core competitiveness, or in international team building, etc., under the trend of globalization, enterprises should take a globally broad perspective. Based on the core of international entertainment, Showme Entertainment is committed to creating a world-class dream factory for international culture and entertainment. By gathering top cultural & entertaining resourcesworldwide, Showme Entertainment will create super blockbusting IP and strive to become a novel brand of Chinese tourism in the world.

To create contents with stronger brand effect, to connect the contents with audiences closely, and to seek the resonance between the enterprise concept and audiences’ values, are the basic to an entertainments enterprise from its operation to project implementation. Be itself and stand out so that it can be fearless of any turbulence in the future.

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