Talented Poet and Fantasy Novel Writer, E.S Columbine, Publishes New Book Titled Handle With Care

May 27, 2019 – Greensboro based poet, E.S Columbine launches a new book, called “Handle With Care”. The new book brings a powerful and fresh insight to help people learn, manage and understand their personal healing process and dynamics. Columbine’s focus on individuality explains that there is no set way or hard and fast rule to grieve or coming to terms with loss.

Available on her personal website, Escolumbine.com, and Amazon, the new book is a combinations of Columbine’s personal insight and experience in excelling. She hopes to use the book as a tool to help people liberate themselves from falling in line with the “norm” or “societal blue print” for grieving or pulling through a moment of loss.

“I decided to publish these poems into a book to help people understand that there is no timeline on healing. Also, there is no set way anyone is supposed to grieve or come to terms with loss – however long or short; the person may have been in our lives,” says E.S Columbine

She says further, “I came to a decision one night when I told myself that maybe, this could help people like poetry has helped me in the past. Handle with Care is so named because of how delicate these situations can be, and that everyone can be affected by one event regardless of the side that they are on.

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About The Author

E.S. Columbine grew up moving every six months. After meeting her husband, she moved to the state of North Carolina with her one year old son. Before her final move, E.S. Columbine made it her profession to help people going through trials and tribulations. Because of the hardship those around her faced, she released Handle With Care. Currently, she is writing Flightless Bird, which is a book of poetry centered around loss.

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