Alibaba and Bottos Are Trying Out Blockchain Bots

On May 28, 2019, Bottos was invited to participate in the Global Smart Logistics Summit, which was organized by Cainiao Logistics for the purpose of “reacceleration of digital growth”. At the scene, Alibaba announced that it will try blockchain bots out on the artificial intelligence platform Bottos.

Then Alibaba’s ScreamTec launched an astonishing black technology – a smart exoskeleton robot for handling, using artificial intelligence technology and human-machine collaboration technology to significantly reduce the physical pressure of workers, improve efficiency, and let people integrate into the management platform of intelligent logistics in the form of Internet of Things. It is reported that the founder of Bottos used to work in ScreamTec, which has been working on the development of intelligent exoskeleton robots. Their smart handling robot exoskeleton is effectively used in the logistics industry.

The robot’s exoskeleton does not require an operation command. Instead, it directly splices the body surface current and complex sensors of the human body, and driving the machine effortlessly. It plays a revolutionary role in irreplaceable manual operation scenarios and can be widely used in the core of warehousing and logistics industry such as picking, storage, sorting, loading and unloading. At present, exoskeleton robots are widely used in the medical and military fields. They are mainly used to improve the physical fitness of soldiers, carry heavy marches, and help patients walk. In some developed countries such as the United States, Japan and Germany, exoskeleton robots represent the perfect combination of intelligent machines and human beings.

In fact, as early as the Summit 2018, Alibaba founder Jack Ma expressed his point of view. He argued that the former logistics was mainly based on manual labor, and the future logistics must be based on mental labor. Now thousands of couriers do it with physical strength, but in the future they must use mental work. He said the development of artificial intelligence can make things that humans can’t do.So blockchain robots will definitely bring a new revolution.

It has been 3 years since the emergence of smart logistics. At the beginning of 2016, it’s all about the reconnection. In 2017, the main point was the connection upgrade. And in 2018, the new logistics era was started. Smart Logistics has been promoting the re-construction of the logistics system in the new Internet era. The future is destined to be an era of human-machine symbiosis. Human beings are good at asking questions, specializing in common sense, understanding the way the world works, and making value judgments based on emotion and morality. While the machine is better at statistical reasoning, large-scale computational reasoning, etc. Now we can see the artificial intelligence systems implemented in different fields have achieved the best application effect through human-machine cooperation. Human-machine cooperation can gain deeper insight through more data and make better decisions with fewer resources. And this time, Bottos is playing a leading role.

As a pioneer in the combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain, Bottos chain has been focusing on the infrastructure of artificial intelligence. It has both the underlying public chain designed specifically for data characteristics and the data flow platform for the entire artificial intelligence and its derivative industries. The blockchain robots which are developed by Bottos and Alibaba are based on the concept of “data mining” – intelligent hardware, IoT and robots can be regarded as “mineral machines for data” at the data level. It is expected that every handling will become mining for massive data assets in the field of logistics.

Nowadays, the US is putting pressure on China’s high technology. As counterattack, tech giants such as Alibaba and Tencent are increasing investment in artificial intelligence research and development to achieve countervailing power. And what opportunities will Bottos and Alibaba bring? The game has just begun.

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