Upcoming Indiegogo campaign aspiring to create an art-therapy studio for cancer survivors

My Fairyland is an art therapy studio in-the-making which is looking forward to helping cancer survivors wade through negative thoughts with free master classes on sculpture and pottery.

A brave, empathetic survivor is pledged to bring some light in the lives of cancer survivors. A sculptor by passion, 59-year-old Marina Gordeeva is soon to launch a campaign at Indiegogo that aspires to build a free art-therapy studio for people struggling with serious ailments. Titled “My Fairyland,” the upcoming studio is aimed to provide the much needed creative getaway for those burdened with negative thoughts and extreme pressure.

The campaign is geared to raise around $23,000.

Art-therapy is scientifically proven to be beneficial for cancer patients. Various studies have shown how art therapy and such creative endeavors have helped to reduce anxiety, depression, as well as physical pain in patients down with serious medical conditions. Marina herself is a survivor, and it was sculpting that was her remedy to forget negative thoughts and health problems in her dark times. 

The good thing is Marina is in remission now and is looking forward to sharing the benefits she has experienced from sculpting, with all. The positive lady has already opened a small art workshop at her Moscow home, and now she is looking forward to expanding it in a proper full-fledged art-therapy studio. The studio will extend free master classes on sculpture and pottery to cancer survivors.

“My Fairyland is a lovely place of art, imagination as well as revival from dark times. Every handcrafted fairy figure you will see here is a unique piece of art which speaks of hope and beauty in the world”, smiled Marina. 

Speaking further, she added that her characters are inspired by her keen observation of people of all ages. She is extremely fascinated by how each differs from one another, and such observations have led her to create unique, adorable characters- with their own character and moods. 

“We are looking forward to transcending our small at-home art workshop into a lovely art-therapy studio with all the needed professional equipment like professional groundhog kiln, pottery wheel and so on. We want to ensure the best master classes in sculpture and pottery that will relieve our students of negative thoughts – as well as assure them sustainable and fair trade income. Thus, this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to create a wee better world for these brave survivors so that they can get the strength and positivity to march forward in life. We believe, together, we can make a difference.”

A bunch of rewards is waiting for the backers. These include exclusive offers, cup with a unique print, adorable My  Fairyland handmade creatures,  book on the life of Marina’s creatures, handmade sculpted figurine magnets and so on. Pledges reaching $100 will be rewarded with custom-made handmade creatures while pledges reaching $150 will be honored with creatures with the face of the backers. 

To show your support for the campaign, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fairyland-imaginary-creatures-support-revival–2#/.

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Company Name: My Fairyland
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