Hodo Holds Charity Activities for Centenarians and Hodo Wealth Summit of Big Health Industry

On May 25, 2019, “Hodo Love Long and Yew Helps Life” – Hodo caring for centenarians and Hodo wealth summit of big health industry was successfully held in Hodo yew resort, Wuxi.

At the meeting, Zhou Yaoting, honorary chairman of the Wuxi Yaoting Charity Foundation, together with leaders, paid RMB 100,000 in allowance to five new centenarians in Donggang Town in 2019. It is reported that Yaoting Charity Foundation in Wuxi also passed on the centenarian family’s good filial piety and family trait, highlighting the sense of corporate social responsibility. Since its establishment, the Wuxi Yaoting Charity Foundation has been organizing the “Care for Centenarians” activities for five consecutive years, and has accumulated a record of paying love subsidies to 42 centenarians, setting an example for the local people to respect and love the elderly.

Zhang Xiaomei is 100 years old, but she still looks energetic. She walks very steadily except that her ears are a little weak. Zhang Xiaomei resides in Gangnan Village, Donggang Town, where a large area of yew has been planted. The impact of the air environment on Zhang Xiaomei’s health and longevity is also a very favorable factor.

Wuxi Yaoting Charity Foundation has always been enthusiastic about the public welfare for the elderly, which is the original will of the Hodo’s people to insist on carrying forward the Hodo gratitude culture and transmitting the positive energy of society. Wuxi Yaoting Charity Foundation was established by Zhou Yaoting, chairman of the shareholders’ meeting of Hodo, and Zhou Haijiang, chairman and CEO of the board of directors, who donated RMB20 million to the foundation. Since its establishment, the Foundation has carried out various charitable activities with the purpose of “gathering love, assisting vulnerable groups in society, and promoting the construction of a harmonious society”, especially focusing on “caring for centenarians” activities for five consecutive years to promote the culture of respecting and caring for the elderly. Mr. Zhou said the Foundation hoped to promote the traditional virtues of filial piety through its centenarian caring activities. Leading by example, inspire filial piety and family trait to guide the public to work hard on the walk the talk, and internalize filial piety and practice at the outside through cautious at the beginning and careful in the macro.

It held “Dream-building in Hodo and Win-win in Aggregation” Hodo wealth summit of big health industry. The meeting invited leaders of Wuxi Agricultural and Rural Affairs Bureau and many entrepreneurs of the big health industry to discuss the opportunities and directions of the big health industry. Participants focused on the yew industry and fully affirmed the development strategy of Hodo in positively distributing big health industry through scientific and technological innovation. Living in this place, we have to contribute to it. Hodo in Wuxi Donggang, facing the increasingly serious smog weather and the reality of an aging society, actively develops both green environmental protection and anticancer role of the yew big health industry. In 1997, Zhou Yaoting, the founder of the Hodo, discovered medicinal and ecological value of yew, and began planting yew around the Hodo to develop the big health industry of yew. Hodo has gradually formed a huge industrial chain of yew cultivation, drug refining, preparations production, nursery stock sales, ecotourism, and subsequent development.

At the meeting, Jiangsu Yew Biotechnology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Aoyang Landscape Co., Ltd., Wuxi Lian Garden Landscape Co., Ltd., Jinzhai Jinhong Kangyang Industrial Co., Ltd. and Changzhou Huajing Garden and Greening Engineering Co., Ltd. to jointly develop the yew market promotion with the allied corporates and jointly create a big health industry project. Sharing brand, resources and platform with partners, we will jointly create a new generation of ten billion-level big health industry, and promote the sustainable, harmonious and spanning development of the big health industry of yew.

Dr. Zhu Bofeng, a plant industry expert, explained the specific characteristics of yew at the meeting, so that we can have a more thorough understanding of the yew plant. Paclitaxel extracted from the bark and leaves of yew has been cultivated and planted in Donggang Town by Hodo since 1997. Paclitaxel has a unique anticancer effect and is recognized as an anticancer drug with low toxicity, high efficiency and broad-spectrum. It can be made into raw materials, preparations and decoction pieces of traditional Chinese medicine.

According to the WHO, the number of cancer patients worldwide is increasing by 14 million each year. At present, the global consumption of paclitaxel is 3 tons, the market demand of paclitaxel is nearly RMB100 million every year, and it grows year by year, which has very high economic value. In air purification, yew has the function of purifying air efficiently and absorbs toxic and harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide. The large-scale planting of yew has brought good ecological effects. Now, walking around Donggang Town, there is nothing more striking than the endless, shady yew forest that refreshes the heart and spleen. Accompanied by the evergreen “longevity tree” (yew), residents of Donggang Town enjoy the natural fresh air all the time and strengthen the physique quietly, and some centenarian is still hale and hearty. With the improvement of residents’ overall physical fitness, the longevity ratio of the town has also shown a linear upward trend.

For a long time, Hodo firmly established the green development concept of “Clear waters and green mountains are as good as mountains of gold and silver”. We will implement the basic state policy of conserving resources and protecting the environment, integrating the building of ecological civilization into economic, political, cultural and social construction in all its aspects. Throughout the process, we constantly explore the path of industrial development, and strive to create an integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries of the yew industry.

Guo Jianqiang, general manager of Jiangsu Yew Biotechnology Co., Ltd. introduces the ecological and economic value of yew to guests. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly puts forward the strategy of healthy China, which not only elevated the development of China’s big health industry to the national level, but also outlined a beautiful blueprint for the future development of the health industry. In order to promote the development of big health industry and promote the construction of industrial structure, the state has issued a series of policies to support and promote the development of healthy industries.

The People’s Government of Zhejiang Province has issued a five-year action plan for planting 100 million new rare trees in Zhejiang Province for the period 2016-2020, in which tree species selection focuses on the development of yew and ormosia hosiei, which also highlights the great importance and supports of the state for the health industry. Guo Jianqiang said that 2019 is an important node in the transformation of China’s big health industry, and the industry faces new challenges of transformation. Catalyzed by policies, capital and technology, the next decade will be the golden decade for China’s big health industry. As long as we firmly adhere to the concept of big healthy development and seize the opportunity, we can create a new miracle of wealth by taking advantage of the easterly wind of the national big and healthy development strategy.

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