Sirius Solutions Announces Success of Leadership Development Program at Dallas YMCA

Sirius Solutions Announces Success of Leadership Development Program at Dallas YMCA
“Achieve Your Leadership Potential” (AYLP), the innovative program not only has helped develop future leaders in Dallas but laid out a blueprint for how the program could assist other organizations.

The Sirius Solutions Human Capital practice is proud to announce the successful first year of their leadership development program at the Dallas YMCA. Entitled “Achieve Your Leadership Potential” (AYLP), the innovative program took a blended development approach, which included:

  • Quarterly in-person meetings, each of which had a common developmental theme
  • Monthly online, micro-learning modules, designed to target core leadership competencies
  • Written work on key leadership topics
  • Capstone presentation to determine innovative approaches to a key challenge

The program was so well received that Sirius is now building a program for the senior leadership group at the YMCA, taking similar principles and approach to the initial program.

Curt Hazelbaker, the CEO of the Dallas YMCA, explained the impact of the program saying, “The YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas embarked on a year-long journey to help build the leaders of tomorrow for our organization with the help of our partners Sirius Solutions.”

Hazelbaker continued, “This program provided an immersive learning experience for our group, leveraging non-traditional techniques to provide a truly unique developmental opportunity. I am excited about the results of this journey and believe the participants in the program will benefit from this experience for their entire careers.”

With a focus on helping companies run better with healthy L&D program growth, Chief Executive Officer of Sirius Solutions, Kristi Chickering, explains: “Our team of experts enjoyed partnering with Dallas YMCA to institute a thoughtfully designed learning experience for their organization’s rising stars.” Chickering continued, “We understand and embrace the fact that businesses are evolving and developing programs with Millennials and Gen Z in mind, generations that crave professional development and opportunities for advancement.”

Sirius Solutions is prepared to apply the lessons of the leadership development program at the Dallas YMCA to those in need. Characteristics of organizations that are ready for a leadership development program include:

  • Companies that are experiencing recruiting challenges with Millennials and Gen Z
  • Companies suffering from brain drain as their leaders leave the organization due to a lack of a robust LD program
  • Companies whose leaders need a more strategic, flexible, and adaptable approach
  • Companies who succession planning is not up to par and must rely on outside hires to manage their key roles.

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