Ammo Energy Bars is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout\’s Direct Store Delivery Distributors

Ammo Energy Bars is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout\\\'s Direct Store Delivery Distributors
All natural, Gluten-Free Granola Bar with 10g of Protein and 150mg of Caffeine (=1.5 cups of coffee).

Healthy, balanced energy on the go, ANY time of day.

With the popularity of sugary, chemical-ridden products like Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy in convenient stores, grocery stores and gas stations nationwide, our company wanted to come up with a much healthier alternative that gives wholesome, well balanced energy while satiating hunger at the same time.

AMMO is a Delicious, All-Natural, Gluten-Free Granola bar with 150mg of CAFFEINE (=1.5 cups of coffee) and 10g of Protein.

As you know, CAFFEINE is the most consumed ‘drug’ in the world. Our goal is to leverage this opportunity in a space that it does not currently exist – namely, energy bars. Most energy bars such as Clif and RX source their energy from protein – these products still leave energy to be desired. While each AMMO bar contains 10g of protein we have added the benefit of natural CAFFEINE derived from coffee beans. It is the new wave of energy solutions. On the go, as a snack or a meal, replacement for the sugary stuff, or your second and third cups of coffee, our product is ideal for people working in offices, the night shift, truck drivers, doctors and nurses, college students, parents, fitness enthusiasts or ANYONE who needs an extra boost of energy at ANY time of day!

AMMO bars are the perfect breakfast substitution. Made with all natural, wholesome ingredients and 10g of protein, AMMO bars are filling and convenient. Grab them on the go or just throw them in your bag for later. They will give customers the boost of energy they need in the morning, at the afternoon lull, before a workout or even before a night out. College and graduate school students love them because of their convenience and effectiveness for staying up and studying. Truck drivers who are in for the long haul love AMMO bars because it keeps them going without worrying about getting tired and they can have them ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. Doctors and nurses say “it makes life easier!” and parents everywhere love AMMO bars because they just have too much to do to sit for a first or second cup of coffee.

The name says it all – AMMO is AMMUNITION for your day. Eat AMMO and DO STUFF!

Please visit our website AMMOBARS.COM and email me with any questions We look forward to working with you!

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