BihuEx Fully Merged into to Accelerate the Global Layout

On May 29, 2019, according to the official news release of BihuEx, BihuEx will be fully merged into The two teams jointly take an important step towards internationalization of digital assets and derivatives thereof. will greatly boost its safety and professionalism, not only making the product line more complete, but also enriching the cultural connotation of its brand, so as to reinforce the brand image in the eyes of users of the exchange. Of course, the ensuing brand culture integration will continue to test the operational wisdom of the management during the process of brand upgrade.

Executives of told the author: “For the merger with BihuEx, it remains to be seen how the company conducts brand separation, how to develop in the high-end direction, and optimize and upgrade in terms of globalization, product, positioning, strategy and operation. These are new challenges.”

By acquiring BihuEx, intends to promote the globalization of BihuEx, accelerate the brand upgrade, and gradually shift the profit model from scale expanding to brand-driven. Conferred upon BTB the entitlement to use and manage the brand and other intellectual property rights, BihuEx will catch the bandwagon of, and may truly enter the international high-end digital financial market and move towards a new development stage.

Upon completion of the merger, may form a group-based ecological operation model. Now is a good time for value investment, as’s brand has huge room and potential appreciation.

The destructive tide is coming, and’s ecosystem of bottom-level application services of blockchain will accelerate the innovative integration with various industries, providing a new driver for the new round of development of various industries.

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