World-class singer Tiffany Tatum releases a new single entitled “Testify” Featuring local Rapper B-Tron
The fresh new track sheds light on trust issues. Ms. Tatum uses her powerful voice to draw attention to an issue many people can relate to.

In Testify, Ms. Tatum sings about trust issues in a relationship which seems to be all so common in today’s society. In the new single Ms. Tatum is singing “You accuse me of loving on someone else please let me testify”. 

Testify has a strong vocal presence from start to finish Guitarist Howard Scott from the 70s group War says: “the vocals have a sweetness of a nightingale with the force of a hurricane”. The upbeat new single has a smooth but funky soulful/hip hop feel with swag rap lyrics.

With an unforgettable sound Ms. Tatum’s newest single is sure to inspire and reach people of all genders and races. One recent fan said “Tiffany Tatum has done it again with another hit! I love it! Keep them coming”!!

For more on Tiffany Tatum’s new single go to www.tiffanytatummusic.com

About Tiffany Tatum

A native of Dallas, Texas, Tiffany Tatum has embraced music her entire life. Ms. Tatum studied This Business of Music at Richland College and later earned her Associate Arts degree at Barbizon School of Modeling and Fashion were she won the award for Outstanding Female Model with Attitude. Ms. Tatum has earned several local community awards for her accomplishments. In1995 Ms. Tatum won the NAACP ACT-SO Vocal Award for her community and The South Central Business & Professional Women Youth Fashion Award just to name a few. Ms. Tatum has worked and performed for such great musicians her parents grew up listening to from Yarborough & Peoples, Howard Scott (70s group War) to Tony Thompson (90s group Hi Five).

In 2013 Ms. Tatum started her business TiffanyTatumMusic.  Ms. Tatum has interviewed with several news media from The Dallas Morning News, BET News, The McKinney Gazette, The Concept, and The Entertainment Bank NY.  Ms. Tatum has recently appeared in All Star Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly, and Southern Vibe Magazine.  Ms. Tatum’s commercials have aired on MTV, VH1, Fuse and many other media outlets.  Ms. Tatum’s vocal training has come from Award Winner Mr. Bill Riley (Celine Dion), Opera Coach Ms. Glenda Clay (New Art Six), and Mr. Brian Shexsnyder. In 2004 Ms. Tatum released her freshman album, A Tainted Love, which was followed by the 2012 release of her second album, All About Me.  Ms. Tatum will release a new album in 2015.

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