Provides Access into Understanding the Opioid Crisis and What is Suboxone Provides Access into Understanding the Opioid Crisis and What is Suboxone

In the world of medicine, the most important tools are often technology based. Where that is true, provides the competitive edge needed by most companies and clinics. In the past two decades, there has been no area of advancement that has affected every industry in the same capacity as technology. In almost all sectors of medicine, technology has changed the way people communicate, market, keep records, produce, design and sell. In fact, the vast majority of the technology-based tools we have today were not available just twenty years ago. These tools have helped many people understand and communicate ways to combat addiction.

Today we are living in a time of crisis as far as opioid addiction goes. The push is on towards getting facts straight on the opioid crisis. Right now, the problem of addiction to this dangerous class of drug is spiraling out of control and taking out whole communities with it.

It’s a tragic state of affairs. However, there is good news. People are sharing information about the problem all the time, whether by giving someone the facts about the dangers of opioid use or by pointing them towards help through a rehab facility, like West Coast Recovery Centers or another reputable center.

Today, people need to get all the facts about the dangers of opioid abuse and realize that recovery is possible. The ongoing crisis has led to the development of new treatment systems, some of which involve drugs like Suboxone, which is currently given to some users in order to treat the urge to use opioids. Suboxone contains buprenorphine and naloxone, and it is considered an opioid antagonist, in that it blocks the opioid receptors in the brain to reduce cravings for the drug. Suboxone is an opioid, but it stays in the user’s bloodstream for a longer time than other opiates, and thus it can be given in a low dose in order to keep withdrawal symptoms at bay. The severity of the withdrawal symptoms is what drives many users to relapse even after they have achieved sobriety. By using Suboxone, the cravings to use are reduced, which can ease the symptoms and help support the urge to stay sober.

A New Approach

The use of Suboxone in the treatment of addiction represents a new approach for recovery, as the medication has shown some success in helping people recover from addiction. While the Alcoholics Anonymous approach to recovery holds a philosophy of utter abstinence, today many treatment centers are moving away from this approach, as the use of drugs like Suboxone are showing some success in the fight against this very intractable problem. You can read an article on this topic and learn a great deal about treatment.

Entering Treatment

Anyone who has become caught up in addiction to opioids must seek help in order to recover, but the recovery process isn’t easy. Upon entering treatment, a client will have to go through detox, which will bring on withdrawal symptoms which are often harrowing. Some of these withdrawal symptoms continue on for a long time, which is why the use of Suboxone can be so helpful to people who are trying to stay sober. There’s no question that the current situation is dire, but with the help of recovery centers and new means of treatment, the hope is that progress in solving the crisis will finally be achieved.

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