is Pushing For a Law to Require Maryland Marijuana Dispensary Licenses is Pushing For a Law to Require Maryland Marijuana Dispensary Licenses

In the cannabis business world, it is becoming more and more popular to sell and buy marijuana legally. Where that is true, provides the competitive edge needed by most companies to get their businesses off to a great start. However, new laws are being passed in regards to the distribution of marijuana.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has proposed a bill that will essentially improve the way D.C.’s initiative 71 works and provide structure for not only the consumers of marijuana and marijuana products but the businesses working in the industry as well. Basically, the DC mayor unveils bill to clear the way for full legalization of marijuanaThe reason this bill is necessary is that Congress slapped a rider on initiative 71 effectively limiting the scope of the initiative. 

Some of the things this bill covers include seed to sale tracking, daily limitations on personal purchases of all types of marijuana and marijuana products, and specifications on where the money made from this industry goes, making sure that it goes back into the community and not into the pockets of individuals outside of D.C. On the business side of things, the bill aims to make sure the products are safe for consumption by establishing guidelines that must be followed in order for a business to sell to the general public, as well as ensuring that said businesses, like Green Bits, are hiring predominately from within D.C. 

Let us dig into what this entails on the business end of things a little bit deeper. One major aspect of this proposal is ensuring the safety of the product. What this means is that all aspects of the growth of the plants are monitored to ensure that there are not any dangerous chemicals applied to the plants such as pesticides or other things that may be in the final product if, for example, you purchase marijuana illegally, you have no real way of knowing really anything about that product and what you may be unintentionally putting into your body. Another aspect of this proposal is that it would require that at least sixty percent of the owners of these businesses be from D.C. as well as at least sixty percent of their employees. If you are interested in the business aspect of the marijuana industry, such as obtaining information on licensing for a dispensary, click here.

All said if you live in Maryland and would like to open a dispensary or any other related business in D.C. I believe the time may be just about right if this proposal passes into law. Not only does it provide clear consumer protections but it also establishes clear guidelines for business owners taking away the uncertainty involved in owning a dispensary or any related business in D.C. I think at this point it is fairly obvious that it would be best if we had full federal legalization such as what was recently passed in Canada. Here you can read the full version of the proposed bill. 

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