Cutting Edge Flooring Services Introduces Techniques for Maintaining Travertine Stone

Cutting Edge Flooring Services Introduces Techniques for Maintaining Travertine Stone

Travertine is a type of limestone that is coveted for its attractiveness when used both inside and outside the home. It comes in a variety of hues and has a porous surface that can either be left as a rough surface for a natural look or smoothed and filled to achieve a clean and polished surface. One of the great benefits of travertine is its versatility and with the proper care, it can be a very easy surface to clean and maintain. Cutting Edge Flooring Services has introduced the following techniques for caring for and maintaining travertine stone.

Yearly Maintenance

Yearly maintenance is one of the best ways to keep travertine looking new. Because of its porous surface, one of the best ways to make travertine easier to clean and protect it from stains and wear and tear is to seal it on a yearly basis. Depending on the type of surface, sealing may be highly recommended. The tiles can then be easily cleaned by using a wet cloth.

Other yearly maintenance may include deep cleaning which is done by professional tile services in Houston. These techniques include using products that are safe for the tiles and will not erode them or cause other damage. This is especially important for surfaces that are not sealed.


If the travertine tiles have been damaged, stained, or have other serious problems, there are many techniques to restore and maintain them. Travertine tile floating can be used to repair previously filled surfaces by matching the old filling hue. Technicians then fill any surfaces that have become exposed over time. Surfaces can also be refinished to restore damage. Because surfaces can become scratched, stained, or made dull over time, other techniques can be used such as honing and polishing to restore the desired surface.

Cutting Edge technicians use high-quality diamond grinding and diamond-infused polishing pads to smooth uneven tiles, remove imperfections, and create a smooth finish. Find us here to restore or clean any type of travertine surface and make it look new again.


If yearly maintenance and restoration of damaged tiles are insufficient, replacement of one or more tiles may be necessary. It is important for professionals to match the colors as closely as possible to the existing tiles. Extra care should be taken to create a seamless surface when any new tiles are installed.

Travertine can be an extremely easy type of tile to clean and maintain, but the right techniques are needed to keep them looking fresh. Yearly maintenance is especially important. Sealed tiles stay cleaner longer and it is often necessary to have this service performed every year. Techniques such as honing, filling, polishing, floating, and deep cleaning can restore old surfaces and bring them new life.

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