Hubi Exchange: Initial Launch of KGXS, Advanced Symbiosis Chain

Hubi is a global digital asset exchange alliance, who created the world’s first “Exchange Alliance 3.0” model, everyone is a Super Node. Hubi’s exclusive “Platform + Alliance + Ecological” advantages provide global customers with one-stop trading platform with lower entry threshold, better services and higher liquidity.

With the rising price of Bitcoin, more and more users are becoming familiar with blockchain technology. There are also more and more users coming to Hubi Exchange, so KGXS prefers Hubi. At this stage, the development of blockchain technology is still in the early stage, whether public blockchain, private blockchain or alliance blockchain are not perfect. But the market is full of a large number of projects packaged with the concept of blockchain, in order to quickly enter the capital market to raise funds.

KGXS hopes to reshape the value of blockchain industry, integrate the resources of blockchain industry by establishing connections between different blockchain ledgers, accelerate the implementation of excellent projects from various ecological perspectives, and create a universal public blockchain applicable to all walks of life, so that the world can benefit from the blockchain technology. And going online to Hubi exchange platform is also conducive to people’s cognition of KGXS.

KGXSTOKEN ( KGXS) is an advanced value symbiosis blockchain. It is committed to building a new generation of distributed trust chain network and building a global accessible blockchain application platform for all walks of life.

The ultimate goal of KGXS is to integrate the resources of blockchain industry, establish links between different blockchain ledgers, create enterprise blockchain products, provide industry solutions, develop high performance and scalable blockchain basic service platform, and have the ability to quickly build upper application business to meet the application scenario of large number of users, and help the development of all walks of life.

Whether enterprises or individuals can become the global node of KGXS, through continuous operation to obtain sustainable cycle incentive. It is believe that KGXS will become the new star of the blockchain industry in the next decade, and be loved by the majority of users.

KGXS Community Situation:

Total number of Telegram users is about 40K.

Total number of Biyong users is about 30K.

Total number of Wechat users is about 5K.

Total number of Huobi Chat users is about 1.4K.

The total number of KGXS issuance is 50 million, and will never be increased. The current market value is 0.3 USDT, with 1.5 million initial circulation, and the estimated total market value is 50 million USDT by 2020.

KGXS will open deposit at 14:00 on May 27, 2019 (UTC+8) on Hubi Exchange. KYT/USDT will be opened at 14:00 on May 28(UTC+8), and open withdrawal at 14:00 on May 29 (UTC+8). Please stay tuned!


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Hubi Exchange supports compatibility of cross-chains and multi-currencies, providing one-stop management and trading of blockchain digital assets. Now Hubi supports BTC and its side-chain projects, and access to the underlying public chain projects such as ETH, EOS, TRON, Cardano, Ontology, NEO, Tezos, Lisk, Nebulas, Zilliqa, Qtum. Welcome high-quality project parties to contact the token listing, the token listing cooperation email:

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