British Entrepreneur Natasha Mudhar urges global businesses to set inward examples before embarking on international sustainable trade practices at the ET Global Business Summit in India

Natasha called for a focus on improving domestic trade strategy in order to accelerate the progress of the Sustainable Development Goals. The 5th edition of the Global Business Summit convened prominent world leaders for a series of discussions on the theme of ‘Social, Sustainable, Scalable’ business. At the summit, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi highlights his vision for making India a 10 trillion dollar economy and the third largest very soon.

New Delhi – Natasha Mudhar, the International entrepreneur and Global Chief Executive at the London based Global Impact Enterprise The World We Want, has urged key policymakers and business leaders from an array of industries to cross-collaborate in order to truly make progress on Sustainable Development Goals, when speaking at the 5th edition of the ET Global Business Summit in New Delhi today. The roundtable adopted the theme of the Ease of Doing Business, focusing on “Facilitating Sustainable Trade Across Borders”.

The Global Business Summit is an initiative of The Times Group that brought together academicians, visionaries, heads of states, corporates, policy makers, and thought leaders from across the world for scripting Economic change, by connecting the building blocks of Economics for India and the Globe. Now in its 5th year, this year’s summit addressed the key challenges faced by the international business community, under the key theme of social, sustainable and scalable.

The roundtable saw a lively discussion on the ease of doing business within India and abroad, and what needs to be done to improve a country’s rankings. Addressing a room consisting of CEO’s, founders and company ambassadors Natasha urged her peers to implement strong domestic trade strategies in order to facilitate prosperous cross-border business. “Before looking outwards, we must first look inwards”, said Natasha.

“We must assess what regulations and legal frameworks are in place to support businesses generally, to help them become technically efficient, more innovative, build capacity, and operate more sustainably before encouraging external trade.”

“It’s about knowing and mastering internal operations before looking for sustainable solutions for cross-border trade. Business efficiency depends not just on profitability but also the impact it has on people and the planet”, she added.

Natasha’s insight was echoed by Aditya Sharma, Senior Vice President at Asia Boson Energy SA who emphasized the importance of internal operations and social integration to bolster international efficiency, “Education is so important now. In business schools, the syllabus is often about organization efficiency, market risk, and finance – but we never learn of the history of their trade.

“We should be teaching our next generation of entrepreneurs the past 100 years of history in order for them to gain new insights and more importantly new visions.”

Jacek Wisniewski, CEO at EuroAfrica Shipping lines, said: “The basic steps to entering international trade is understanding your territories, whether that be Europe, Africa or Asia.”

“If you don’t understand the people, how can you expect to trade with them?” he added.

Drawing on her experience of advising and co-curating breakthrough projects with global governments, non-profit organisations, policy institutes, the Commonwealth 53 and UN organisations including the Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), the Reproductive Health and Rights Agency (UNFPA), the UN World Food Programme (WFP) and UN Women, Natasha has been at the forefront to rally corporates and the wider global public to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to reduce inequalities, eradicate poverty and tackle climate change.

Natasha was joined on the roundtable by distinguished panelists including:

       Mr. Mohamed Laad Minister of State, Ministry of Economic Development Maldives

       Mariusz Ɓuszczewski CEO- Ehrle, Indian relations expert – Adam Smith Centre – Poland

       Andrzej Sadowski President, Adam Smith Centre – Poland

       Sunil Kaushal Secretary-General, New Zealand Trade Alliances – New Zealand

       Dr. Milena Angelova Secretary-General, Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA) – Bulgaria

       Paul Winters Associate Vice President, Strategy and Knowledge Department, IFAD,

       Hon’ble Peter Munya Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Cooperatives, Republic of Kenya

       Mr. Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun, Minister, Ministry of Industries, Bangladesh,

       Alon Beer, President, Society for International Development Israel

       Dr. C. K. Anchan, Managing Director & Founder, Worldwide Business House – Sultanate of Oman

       Kamieniecki, Krzysztof Co-Founder and Vice-President, Institute for Sustainable Development, Bulgaria

       Ms. Martha Del Bello President, Cyprus – US Chamber of Commerce, Cyprus

The roundtable was one of the highlights of the Global Business Summit, which featured a series of high profile speakers including the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, Managing Director of Harrods Michael Ward, and Executive Chairman of S4 Capital PLC & Founder of WPP Sir Martin Sorrell.

Discussing the relevance of the Global Business Summit, Prime Minister Modi said “Social, Sustainable and Scalable happen to be the three themes of the conference. The fact that Sustainability happens to be the second word of the conference, it gives me hope and confidence that you are indeed discussing solutions for India”.

The Prime Minister also reiterated his vision to make India a 10 trillion dollar economy and the 3rd largest very soon, after a slew of groundwork pushed the country ahead in various international rankings including to 77 on the Ease of Doing business, from 142.

Speaking about her involvement in the event, Natasha said “I am proud to have participated in the 5th Global Business Summit alongside so many esteemed policy makers and high profile leaders. In particular, the roundtable proved enlightening with so many different viewpoints and a wide range of solutions for the challenges that face businesses in 2019. These are uncertain times for the world, but convening global talent for an event like this helps to inspire real action and change to achieve sustainable development goals, and highlights the power of collaboration.”

Natasha is also the Global Chief Executive of International Business Consultancy Sterling Group and Advisory Board Member at the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council.

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