How 20 year old Olenia Caymares is creating a pathway to success for business women

How 20 year old Olenia Caymares is creating a pathway to success for business women

Whereas some 20-year-olds are busy hanging out with friends, hitting the gym and getting their nails done at the local beauty salon, there are some others like Olenia Caymares, who spend their days thinking about revolutionizing the business world and leaving their mark.

For most of her short life, Olenia has always been interested in the world of business, especially the role that women have in said world.

Her first landmark was at age 16 when she became the Owner and Creator of a very unique boutique store that introduced a new concept at the time called slim, thick and plus.

Only two years later, she hit the market with yet another best selling business: an On-The-Go Beauty App. it was similar to Uber in the sense that it allowed women to book an appointment for hair and makeup in their own homes last minute.

And now she surprises yet again with another brilliant concept: an online business called Modern Women Academy.

Olenia has always been dabbling into new things and new concepts. So, this new turn in her business career does not come as a surprise.

Her past experiences developing online businesses and her own continuous drive to keep on progressing in life have led her to become the CEO and Creative Designer of Modern Women Academy (A.K.A MWA), a sort of business and entrepreneurial boot camp for young women looking to start their own business online.

Lucia: So, Olenia. Tell us a bit about yourself and what inspired you to create MWA.

Olenia: I always knew I wanted to help others in a drastic life-changing way.

It’s not always easy as a woman to be a business owner. Oftentimes, we are looked down by men and other peers. Fortunately, this is changing, but it is still a struggle and actually quite a lonely feeling.

I created MWA with one main goal in mind: to help others. With my experience of having multiple profitable businesses, and all the knowledge I have gathered throughout the years I created Modern Women Academy. Although I never expected it to be this way, it really is a dream come true.

When I was creating MWA I constantly kept in mind all the challenges I had faced and still currently face as a woman wanting to make it into the world. So, I made sure that throughout the course I speak on all of that.

Lucia: So, what is so special about MWA?

Olenia: Modern Women Academy is an online platform where thousands of women from all over the world can come together to learn and help inspire, support and watch each other grow.

By enrolling in our 4-week intensive course, MWA will give those women all the tools, all the knowledge and all the guidance they need in order to become a successful personal brand. No matter what your niche is, you will fit into our squad.

Based on my experience from investing in other courses and agencies, I realized that none touch upon the actual struggles that becoming a personal brand represent, especially for young women.

As a young woman myself, I discovered that being in front of the camera so much brings out insecurities you didn’t know you had. It may even intensify anxieties, which inevitably lead to self-doubt. My mission is to mitigate those limiting beliefs.

In our 4-week intensive course, women are going to not only change their bank accounts but their mindsets too. And that’s what people never understood. There is so much more to personal branding as a woman. We constantly deal with our insecurities. In MWA you will not only learn to help deal with all of your fears but that it’s actually okay to show the world those insecurities because we are human.

Lucia: What has inspired you to want to help other women?

Olenia: Apart from the previously mentioned things, being a personal brand seems to be the road less traveled.

I know how hard it was to climb that uphill battle alone, and I wanted to create something where other women didn’t have to do it alone.

Lucia: How did the idea for Modern Women Academy come to you?

Olenia: Last December, I actually started a company called Olenia Cosmetics and that was my dream. The Company was so successful that I sold out overnight. However, as a businesswoman, I felt like even though the company was doing great, I was doing something wrong. I didn’t know what exactly that feeling was but I felt the need to shake things up a little.

So, maybe it was a coincidence but, very shortly after this realization, I attended an event called 10X GrowthCon, which featured business celebrities like Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, and many others, and it was actually Thai Lopez who kind of made me realize what I was missing.

Lucia: What was that?

Olenia: He gave out a formula that just clicked with me. He explained that, in these modern times, we need to have a personal brand, and then, with that personal brand, we need to have something that we can scale, like a product.

So, suddenly I knew exactly what I was lacking. I needed to become a personal brand myself in order to scale and really be able to succeed in my own business.

So, I decided to put a pause to my cosmetics company and focus on learning all the tools and information necessary to level up myself.

It was precisely in that time when I realized that, in all the courses I took, none actually had the right information in one single course. It was actually scattered throughout different courses. So, I knew I had to step up and gather all the knowledge and all the tools I learned and put them into one single course.

Lucia: What can women expect to gain after successfully completing the course?

Olenia: After the course, women can expect to have everything they need to know in order to create a personal brand and start their own successful online business.

Lucia: It sounds amazing. Can we expect to see more from you in the future?

Olenia: Actually, I’m already working on the follow-up course. The good thing is, I’m not doing it alone. My aim is for me and for each and every woman in that course to grow together. That way we, as women, can help empower each other.

Lucia: Young women look up to you. What would you say to them now?

Olenia: I would say it may seem like personal branding is something very hard to digest, but anyone can do it. So, do not limit yourself from anything that you may think will stop you, such as time management, money or your own insecurities.

If you have access to the Internet and you have the will to make it far in the online business world, you will. I was once there in your shoes. I once too felt scared or felt like It was too much for me to handle alone. Which is what Modern Women Academy is here for.

All the weapons you need are there and there’s an ever-growing online community of girls that are going through the same things as you. So, you don’t have to walk this path alone. We are all here for you, to help guide you through and come out the other side victorious.

Personal branding is your story, so share it.

– Lucia Margan,
Marketer & Contributor

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