Orient Walt (HTDF) Brand Strategy Press Release Held Successfully

Meet the Future, Bloom Gloriously.

2019 Orient Walt (HTDF) “Meet the Future, Bloom Gloriously” Brand Strategy Press Release was successfully held in Shenzhen, China on 30th May. The founding team of HTDF presented the project Orient Walt, and the achievements of the project progress on the press release. The founder of Orient Walt (HTDF) Mike Wu also announced the future development blueprint of Orient Walt (HTDF) for the first time.

Wang Fuzhong, a well-known Chinese economist and professor of economics at the Central University of Finance and Economics, and former blockchain expert of Huawei and member of the China Electronics Society Blockchain Branch, Huang Lianjin, both delivered a speech on the conference, The president of Asia Blockchain Society Cai Zhichuan, Chief Prospective Officer of the Asian Blockchain Industry Research Institute, Zhu Youping, and other famous experts and scholars in the blockchain field, expressed their affirmation and support for the technological innovation and future development of Orient Walt (HTDF). Representatives of the Orient Walt (HTDF) and well-known media representatives such as Golden Finance, Future Finance, Block Finance and other blockchain media, as well as hundreds of guests all witnessed the launch of the Orient Walt (HTDF) press release.

Founder of Orient Walt: Mike Wu

At the beginning of the conference, the founder of Walter Oriental (HTDF) Mike Wu gave an opening speech and shared the grand blueprint of the future of the Orient Walt (HTDF) brand to the guests. Mike Wu announced that the Orient Walt (HTDF) project has officially set sail, and after four years of hard work, Orient Walt (HTDF) has finally achieved its landing from a great idea, which is not only an achievement by Orient Walt (HTDF), but also an impressive milestone in the history of the blockchain technology. Since the inception of Orient Walt (HTDF), it had been committed to integrate blockchain technology into major ecological application scenarios, covering areas such as finance, technology, and commercial entities to change lives. In the future, Orient Walt (HTDF) will continue to explore the blockchain technology innovations and scenarios, and strive to create an ideal smart home by using blockchain technology. The future plan expressed by the founder of Orient Walt (HTDF) Mike Wu, had aroused the audience’s resonance, and the applause thundered and lasted for a long time.

Professor Fuzhong Wang

Professor Wang Fuzhong delivered a keynote speech on the press release, arguing that the creation of blockchain ecology is a major breakthrough in the economic field, and the wisdom of the Orient Walt (HTDF) Ecology will break the bottleneck of the traditional industry economic growth, and bring a new economic growth point. Through the speech, Professor Wang explained to the audience that the future development trend of the blockchain technology must be based on the public chain. The public chain of Orient Walt (HTDF) not only fits the development trend of the blockchain fully, but also conforms to the needs and trends of the time. The future ecological application of Orient Walt (HTDF) will be beyond imagination and become a pioneer in the industry.

Mr Lianjin Huang

Subsequently, Mr. Lianjin Huang emphasized in the keynote speech that the biggest problem facing the blockchain is that the application scenario is difficult to realize. The breakthrough of the HTDF public chain in the technical field just solved this problem. He affirmed the importance of the technical innovation and safety of the Orient Walt (HTDF) public chain, and proposed that security is the basis for the development of blockchain, and innovation will become an important weapon in the field of public chain. He hope that the HTDF public chain continues to maintain the technical innovation and safety, and lead the industry to develop and progress better. At last, he believed that the community and innovation precipitation of Orient Walt (HTDF) coupled with security guarantees, would become the world’s number one public chain.

The keynote speeches of the two industry experts, closely surrounded the development and the future of the industry, highly praised the future positioning of Orient Walt (HTDF) and the development trend of blockchain, and also provided comments and suggestions to the future of Orient Walt (HTDF) development directions and blueprints. The two experts shared with Mike Wu to present a perfect blueprint for the future development of Orient Walt (HTDF), which gave everyone the confidence to continue believing in the HTDF.

Orient(HTDF)COO: Geng Li

Geng Li, COO of Orient Walt (HTDF), officially released the new brand development strategy of Orient Walt (HTDF) to the world, indicating that Orient Walt (HTDF) would create a perfect smart ecological home through six steps. He introduced the history of the development, goal and core technology of Orient Walt (HTDF) to the on-site participants and the online live broadcasters. In the future, Orient Walt (HTDF) will use blockchain technology to better solve the problem of realizing blockchain appliance. The emergence of Orient Walt (HTDF) is not to invest in the secondary market, but to achieve realization of blockchain appliance in broader context, thus building a digital intelligent home on the basis.

Launching ceremony

The launching ceremony officially began in the cheers of the audience. Mr. Mike Wu, the founder of HTDF, Xiaoyu Dai, the CEO of Qiqilai Group, famous Chinese economist Fuzhong Wang, former blockchain expert of Huawei, and expert of blockchain branch of China Electronics Society Member Lianjin Huang, Chairman of the Asian Blockchain Society Zhichuan Cai, Honorary Director and Chief Prospective Officer of the Asian Blockchain Industry Research Institute Youping Zhu, COO of Orient Walt (HTDF) Geng Li, and CTO of Orient Walt (HTDF) Dahong Chen, and the commercial director of Orient Walt (HTDF) Lin Shao, came onto the stage to power up the Orient Walt (HTDF) project. This important moment marks that the Orient Walt (HTDF) Smart Home Ecology Community has officially entered a new node, and will write more glorious chapter in the future.

Round-table Session

The press release was not only the appearance of the brand Orient Walt (HTDF) itself, but also reflects the determination of Orient Walt (HTDF) to promote the development of the blockchain industry. With the theme of “blockchain+ technology and application innovation”, the roundtable session invited famous Chinese economist Fuzhong Wang, member of the China Electronics Society Blockchain Branch Lianjin Huang, Chairman of the Asian Blockchain Society Zhichuan Cai, Honorary Director and Chief Prospective Officer of the Asian Blockchain Industry Research Institute Youping Zhu, CTO of Orient Walt (HTDF) Dahong Chen, and the Commercial Director of Orient Walt (HTDF) Shao Lin and the overseas representative of  Orient Walt (HTDF) Rita Xia Havsholm as the host, they expressed their own insights from different perspectives as blockchain application scenarios, blockchain system security, HTDF public chain application, the breakthrough innovation and ecological application scenarios of Orient Walt, and also discussed how blockchain can help the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, empower the real economy, and etc.

Awarding ceremony

The Asia Division of Global Blockchain Exploration Institute (GBEI) awarded Orient Walt (HTDF) the governing unit of GBEI, and announced an exciting news that Orient Walt(HTDF) will make a speech on the 18th Internet (China) Conference. This conference is a summary and sublimation of Orient Walt (HTDF) since the birth of the project concept in July 2018. Orient Walt (HTDF) has taken into account the rapid iteration and continuous innovation of technology and products, and won the industry’s praise and strong support from over 500,000 global community members.

Afterwards, the gala dinner officially began in a modern dance.

After the fiery opening dance, Mr. Ting Yang, as the representative of the Hunan community of Orient Walt, took the stage to speak of the opportunity Orient Walter gave him.

Mr. Ting Yang’s speech caused resonance of other local communities. The community representatives from Zhejiang Province took the microphone and expressed her opinions too. She said that Orient Walt brought not only wealth into her life but also broadened her sight.

Finally, Mr. Geng Li, the COO of Orient Walt, stood up to thank the representatives of the local communities and announced that the feast began.

The guests feasted in the accompany of the melodious violin trio.

Three rounds of lottery drawing were held at the dinner. The prizes were Huawei mobile phones, Huawei notebooks, and smart speakers provided by Orient Walt, with a total value of more than 50,000 RMB.

The first prize winner won a Huawei notebook.

The second prize winners won a Huawei mobile phone each.

The third prize won AI intelligent robot speakers

Finally, the Orient Walt (HTDF) brand strategy press release was successfully ended in the crisp clinking of wine glasses, with the enthusiasm and warmth of all attending guests.

Chaining the future is an unstoppable trend. The Orient Walt (HTDF) “Meet the Future and Bloom Gloriously” brand strategy press release is not only the display of the strength and value of Orient Walt (HTDF), but also an opportunity and future invitation. Through the press release, Orient Walt (HTDF) also invited friends who are concerned about the development of blockchain to jointly discuss the direction of the industry, share the future value, and to help the blockchain industry to develop better.

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