New Show “Last Night I Met You Dreaming” Weaves Magical Themes, Live Music, and Inspired Choreography to Produce a Unique Theatrical Experience

The British theatrical company Fit to Burst has made an impressive debut with its upcoming show “Last Night I Met You Dreaming.”  The company has already secured the backing of the Arts Council England which sponsored the initial research and development period that produced this original show.  This support enabled Fit to Burst to create a brilliant and compelling script, design and original music that will bewitch audiences while also plucking at their heart strings.

“Last Night I Met You Dreaming” is a magical allegory exploring our ambivalent relationship with nature and the dangers of taking too much. This unique theatrical show integrates epic storytelling with powerful symbolism and live action. The play is set against lushly designed scenography and accompanied by live music.  The story centers on Laura, a journalist who resides in a mechanical, unemotional world. She is charged with writing an article about ‘The Region’ a lush green place on the verge of collapse. When her editor tries to block the story, supernatural forces intervene, her filing cabinets come to life and she is sucked inside. Here she meets Lola a resident of the Region that is symbiotically and emotionally connected to the land and a host of spirits and mavericks who conspire to unravel the story and unlock her heart.

This powerful show explores the themes of emotional disconnection and love that are so relevant to modern society.  By using a suite of powerful storytelling tools like puppetry, soaring music and poignant symbolism, “Last Night I Met You Dreaming” is able to convey the emotional wasteland that the modern world has become and contrast it with a lush, natural realm where inhabitants are emotionally connected with one another and their environment.

While the support of the Arts Council England has enabled Fit to Burst to design “Last Night I Met You Dreaming”, there is still much that must be completed to ready the show for its opening night in July of 2015. The company will require £12,000 for the performers’ salaries, direction, set design, musical performance, and marketing to match fund with further Arts Council Support. To raise this amount, Fit to Burst has a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.  In return for your generous support, you can receive valuable perks like social media recognition, signed posters, hand drawn storyboards, digital recording of  “Last Night I Met You Dreaming”,  invitation to a rehearsal, or a ticket to the show and sponsor mention in the playbill. 

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