MyCleanPC Delivers Complete PC Performance Enhancements in 3 Easy Steps

Free software diagnoses and resolves problems with slow or unresponsive operating systems

Santa Monica, Calif. – MyCleanPC has the power to restore the speed, security, privacy and reliability of any computer showing signs of a slowdown. The free application has received thousands of downloads, delivering results to customers experiencing a full range of computer issues. MyCleanPC is free to download and can run a full diagnostic on any operating system in minutes.

It takes just three easy steps to access the powerful benefits of MyCleanPC. First, download the program and initiate the installation, which takes only minutes. Second, use the program to run a diagnostic scan of your computer. Finally, review the results and activate MyCleanPC to unlock the benefits of its powerful optimization tools. After completing these steps, users will know exactly what’s compromising their computer and have the tools to fix it.

“We designed the program to be simple enough for anyone to use, no matter what their level of comfort is with a computer,” said Sean Whiteley, President of MyCleanPC. “Many of our customers can see that their computer is slow and know there’s an underlying problem, but they’re not always sure what it is. MyCleanPC takes the guesswork out of it and makes fixing the issue simple.”

MyCleanPC is universally effective at restoring computer speeds, no matter the operating system. The program is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. There’s also a Mac version of the platform available—called MyCleanMac—compatible with current versions of macOS.

Each app delivers version-specific cleaning to the corresponding Windows operating system. While other cleaning programs stop support or phase-out versions, MyCleanPC ensures total support for Windows operating systems going back nearly two decades. For Windows 10 users especially, MyCleanPC utilizes a powerful scanning engine to totally evaluate the speed and health of the operating system. And, with just a few clicks, the program is powerful enough to fix them all!

“Every operating system has its own flaws and problems—especially over time as they get older,” said Whiteley. “By releasing multiple versions of MyCleanPC, we’re able to specifically tailor them around the unique issues identified in older systems. We’ve gone beyond the one-size-fits-all approach to really give people a program that works for their computer.”

The scope of MyCleanPC’s cleaning abilities is all-inclusive to the problems slowing down PCs. Not only does it remove duplicate and unnecessary files, the program is capable of eliminating bloatware, spyware, malware, viruses, unnecessary startup items, corrupt registry files and more. In addition, it executes a broad range of tune-ups, such as emptying the recycling bin, defragmenting the hard drive, clearing caches, terminating stalled processes and more.

MyCleanPC offers both quick clean and deep clean options, allowing users to choose the level of maintenance they want to perform to their operating system. Quick clean targets the common culprits of PC slowness: Clearing caches, removing corrupt registry files, deleting temporary files and removing junk. Deeper cleaning encompasses a full battery of tasks, targeting every possible source of slow speeds for a thorough approach to maintenance.

Not only does MyCleanPC make it easy for PC users to tackle comprehensive computer cleaning with a single program, it also automates the process. Through smart settings, routine scans can be programmed for daily, weekly or monthly execution. This ensures any ongoing speed hogs or other programs are identified and eliminated in a timely manner. Scans take place in the background and are non-disruptive to computing. When they’re complete, PC users only need to confirm the clean and the program will do the rest.

“Fixing slow computer speeds isn’t a one-time thing. Keeping a PC running quickly and smoothly is part of routine upkeep, which is why we’ve built in a scheduling feature for convenience in MyCleanPC,” said Whiteley. “In keeping with the theme of our software, our scheduling feature is intuitive, easy-to-use and robust in its scope. It’s the ultimate ‘set it and forget it’ tool for PC maintenance.”

MyCleanPC goes even beyond routine cleaning, too. The program is designed to be an all-in-one maintenance solution, which means tackling modern computer issues surrounding privacy and cybersecurity. Users have the option to clear browser histories, autofill and password captures, cookies and more, keeping their data safe during and after browsing the web. The application is powerful enough to identify and remove spyware and malware, as well as deeply-embedded tracking cookies, like those issued by Facebook.

MyCleanPC even offers peripheral tools to help PC users control the executable tasks and programs installed on their computers. By simply unchecking boxes, users can turn startup items on and off, as well as uninstall programs and leftover files in one sweep.

“We’ve left no stone unturned when building features into MyCleanPC,” said Whiteley. “This program is meant to be the last piece of software you’ll ever need to keep your computer running at peak efficiency.”

MyCleanPC is free to download and install, with diagnostic capabilities unlocked. To access its full array of cleaning tools and resources, customers will be charged a one-time fee of $19.99. After unlocking MyCleanPC, customers are billed a monthly subscription fee of $19.95 for access to premium features, live technical support and anti-virus capabilities. The software comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

MyCleanPC is part of the Real Defense family of PC applications, including MyCleanID, USTechSupport, MyPassLock, MyHackedEmail and others. Real Defense applications have been downloaded and used by more than a million customers and currently protect more than 10 million unique devices. Each program is backed by a live customer service team, ready to assist 24/7 in resolving issues and maximizing the effectiveness of each platform.

For more information about MyCleanPC or to download the app for free, please visit or call 866-793-0454. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide information and assistance.

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