Axdy on Nepotism and breaking all the barriers, myths and traditions!

Axdy on Nepotism and breaking all the barriers, myths and traditions!

Axdy says that it’s a common belief that one cannot break into the entertainment industry without having any strong connections as well as monetary power. “That’s not always true” Axdy phrased. One can claim his/her spot in the industry purely on the basis of his/her extraordinary skills and talents. It’s quite tougher, extremely challenging and time-consuming, but not impossible. And Axdy has already proved that!

To start with, Axdy didn’t have even a single contact in the entertainment industry when he started his career. Belonging to a middle-class family with a very limited economy/income, Axdy didn’t have any known person already working in the industry to get the necessary help and support. Just nothing and completely void. Axdy started constructing his empire from scratch using his own hands and obviously his gifted mind. It seems unbelievable but truly a fact. The craziest part is how Axdy managed to crack the international market, and that even by living in India remotely, which is really beyond anyone’s imagination. In fact, no Indian had ever achieved this scenario in Indian history. Phenomenal, isn’t it?

Talking about all the hindrances, Axdy has miraculously broken all. Let’s have a look at them, one by one. Firstly, you need to get signed to an international label in order to enter the international market. Secondly, you have to mandatory live abroad to initiate the journey. Thirdly, you are bound to have a great monetary power to broadcast yourself and establish your work. Lastly, as discussed earlier, you must have sufficient important contacts in the industry to start and catalyze your growth. Axdy didn’t possess any of the above-mentioned eligibilities and yet he was able to overcome all of these deadly impediments sitting at his home itself. If it was all about cracking Indian market one could still somehow digest, but here we are talking about the international industry which is miles away with no relatedness whatsoever. Completely marvelous! “And this is only a start” Axdy added.

As the journey progressed, Axdy started getting invincible support from many people and now they are heartily aiding Axdy in shaping up his career. To make him what he deserves to be. Axdy wants to do something for his country, and he would like to take it to a whole new level internationally that was never accomplished before.

When asked about working in Indian film industry and Bollywood which is the most dominant market in the country, Axdy stated that he never marshals his works for a specific group of people or for a specific country but to cut through any industry/market in the world. Axdy wants to establish himself globally in a prolific means and on the way if he gets a decent Indian/Bollywood film with a good script he will definitely do so!

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