How Khushhal Kaushik Takes India to The International Cyber Security Pedestal

How Khushhal Kaushik Takes India to The International Cyber Security Pedestal

The ambition of ‘Digital India’, ‘New India’ and ‘Make in India’ by Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, has been endured by the Indian cybersecurityexpert Khushhal Kaushik. Due to his drive to go for an extra mile and an extreme burning desire helped him to engrave the name of his country, India in the field of cybersecurity. Prior to this, Western countries have been ruling over the stomping ground of cyber security.

As pursuant to Khushhal, India is estimated as an developing country while compared with Western countries in the realm of cyber security. So, in order to demolish this myth, they are striving hard to rule the roost of cybersecurity zone.

In the meantime, Khushhal got an opportunity for being a part in the cybersecurity campaign operating from the UNESCO. Many people from diverse countries participated in the campaign. After a total span of seven months of interview campaign, the article by Khushhal was preferred by UNESCO and published worldwide. After this, he was regarded as the first Indian, cyber-security expert to get a place in the UNESCO’s magazine.

During the interview, Khushhal made a request to the team of UNESCO that if his article was chosen, then his nationality i.e., Indian, must be published beside his name.  So, everyone will know the man of influence is an Indian cyber expert. He believes that if India gets the right opportunity, then they can testify themselves and ace in any province.

Khushhal credited his father, Late Ram Kishan Kaushik, behind the secret his tremendous achievement because his father mentored him during the path of success and triggered him to keep his nose to the grindstone. Khushhal’s father guided him to the road less travelled because he always believed in standing apart from the crowd and work steadily on your dreams.

After completing his graduation in Bachelor of Science in the field of Information Technology successfully, Khushhal was showered with a bunch of great offers by renowned companies with handsome salary packages. But he denied the offers and proceeded to make a name and fame in the world of cybersecurity as his father wanted him to follow his heart and be different from others. Now, Khushhal Kaushik has established his name and several agencies are working for him as well as various leaders from different countries are seeking a piece of wise advice from the cybersecurity expert. 

Furthermore, Khushhal stated that India is a powerhouse of talent and the Indian government is striving hard to bring out the best from their citizens. During his work, he is working individually to promote the talent of India.

Khushhal Kaushik has assisted police force

Khushhal Kaushik,  the founder of Lisianthus, a tech company which has supported Delhi and Gurugram police to resolve multiple cases that are related to cybercrime. The company has successfully solved one of the complicated cybercrime cases within a span of 48 hours, which was correlated with the Senior IAS officer of the Nagaland government. After solving the case, Khushhal was honoured by the police as well as the Government officials for his generous efforts towards unravelling the case. Also, he has trained to the Delhi officers as well as the Gurugram police force in the department of cyber security.

Khushhal Kaushik’s achievements

Khushhal was also invited to meet to Hon’ble Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau regarding the discussion of the protection towards cybercrime. He was invited to the dinner with the Deputy Prime Minister of Uganda for handling the predicaments related to cybercrime and their prevention as well. Also, Mr. Navdeep Bains, Hon’ble Minister for Innovation, Science & Economic Development of Canada. He was summoned to meet with Zori Kor, a former National Security Advisor of Israel. He has been invited for a talk on cyber security to the Northwestern University, Chicago, USA.  His Excellency CEO of space center of Houston a gate way of NASA. Khushhal Kaushik has been awarded by the Government of Andhra Pradesh for his global cyber security achievements. BRICS cci appointed khushhal as a cyber security advisor.

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