Online Soft Skills Training to Improve Attention To Detail

Online Soft Skills Training to Improve Attention To Detail
The overwhelming majority of corporate leaders believe the skills gap in workers is a substantial issue and soft skills are often cited as a bigger concern than technical skills. Arguably, the most overlooked soft skill is attention to detail. Employees with strong attention to detail perform better, produce higher quality work, and require less management time. Attention To Detail Solutions has a system to develop attention to detail in individual employees and teams.

Everyone makes mistakes, right? Of course, we do. And, we all know that some of the people we work with make more mistakes than others. They hand over work that has errors or simply incomplete. Or, maybe the logic behind their work is missing some significant information that was readily available, if not completely obvious. Maybe, their work is just sloppy — both in quality and aesthetics. 

Chris Denny of Attention To Detail Solutions has developed an online soft skills training course to improve the attention to detail in individual employees, teams, and across organizations. The system starts by developing a common understanding of attention to detail — a clear definition — and moves on to discuss the three types of attention to detail and then covers in depth the Five Fundamental Elements of attention to detail. Participants are guided through the concept — which everyone can identify with in some way — in a way that develops a thorough understanding and provides tips and ideas for ways each person can improve attention to detail in himself. The course is lead primarily within the context of work so the idea of how to apply the concepts at work and within a team are regularly brought up through the examples and general discussion.

The primary goals of the course and workshops are to decrease mistakes, improve task accuracy and critical thinking skills, and increase overall productivity. These are all important soft skills by themselves but the course tackles all of them and more. 

Based on the live Attention To Detail Training workshops presented by Chris, the online Attention To Detail Training courses are available in a few options, including a version that provides a certificate upon completion. A longer version that includes all of the exercises used in the live workshops is currently in the works. 

Chris started Attention To Detail Solutions in 2017 after about 6 years of research which he basically considered a hobby. In 2011 (he doesn’t remember exactly), he had an employee who was technically talented but couldn’t seem to produce “client ready” work due to all of the mistakes and errors he left in everything. Chris explains, “His attention to detail was abysmal but I liked him and wanted to keep him so I started looking for books, courses, something to help him improve but I couldn’t find anything. So, I started trying to make a simple lesson for him and unexpectedly became engrossed in the topic. Six years later I had developed this system based on all the research, interviews, and surveys I had done. It was kind of accidental but I love the work.” 

The book Improve Attention To Detail is available on Amazon. You can also learn more about the Attention To Detail online courses, workshops, and more at If you are an HR talent development professional, there is a good chance soft skills training is already on your radar if not already on your calendar. Attention to detail is a soft skill we commonly mention in passing but it never gets the training and development attention it deserves. These online courses make it easy to address effectively. Discounted rates are available for teams and organizations. 

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