UTOPIALAND: The Real Estate based on Blockchain Platform

Up until 2017 the global real estate market has grown to an estimate of $228 trillion dollars. According to the estimation by international real estate adviser, Savills. (https://www.savills.com/blog/article/216300/residential-property/how-much-is-the-world-worth.aspx)

That is about 2.89 times the world’s GDP, and 75% of it is residential properties like houses, apartment and condos owned by average people. Although investing in real estate could wield huge returns, it is also much more complicated than the stock markets and requires a very big capital to start.

It is a fact that real estate has been historically considered the best way to preserve wealth. However, the real estate investments today present significant inefficiencies such as lack of accessibility and liquidity. A vast amount of capital is typically required in order to invest in real estate with the objective of realizing an above-average return on investment – so much so that this asset class is out of reach for most individuals. Even for those investors who have the necessary capital, conventional methods of investing in real estate are fraught with inefficiency and disadvantages.

UTOPIALAND is grounded on actual real life investment with a real and tangible project in place. This means that we are not after prestige assets but instead focusing on great, reward-able areas that will realistically command great returns. To make this achievable, UTOPIALAND dedicates substantial efforts and time to researching and analyzing the potentials of our properties for tokenization. The goal is to provide a balanced and transparent catalog of tokenized assets that offer several returns and are different in their respective risk-to-yield ratio.

Project capitalization, when it comes to real-estate investment through securities emissions such as shares and stocks, is only profitable when huge capital amounts are invested in realistic and feasible real estate assets. We are aware of economic potentials of Xi Jiang Hot Spring Resort and we have chosen as the foundation of the UTOPIALAND Coin.

With its strategic location, economic values, and commanding worth, we envisage Xi Jiang Hot Spring Resort to be a real estate asset worthy to be invested on. The UTOPIALAND platform, therefore, provides a reliable, secure, decentralized, incentivized, and transparent infrastructure (technological and managerial) that eliminates all the middlemen/third-parties, and enables complete control of capital flows throughout our ecosystem.

The great Xi Jiang Hot spring Resort is situated in Southern China near a big city called XinYi. The resort is characterized by highways and high speed railway which are few km from the city center. The great asset boasts an underground hot spring with an amazing and nature-enticing surrounding environment which makes it very convenient for traffic. It’s generally believed to be a great vacation spot and tourism centers which and keeps attracting travelers and tourists from diverse backgrounds and different countries. With a thousand years of amazing side-attraction history, the great Xi Jiang Hot Spring Resort has been a good natural healing place since the time of the Tang Dynasty. Most people believe it to be a unique mythical world with its strategic location which is beautified by well-located, naturally occurring mountains.

By tokenizing already existing assets and making our coins trade-able, UTOPIALAND boasts of a competent team of professionals, geared to capitalize any real estate projects and grounded in market expertise for investors. Using industry expertise, blockchain technology, and smart contracts, UTOPIALAND also offers an easy opportunity for profitable investments for investors and crypto traders. We give room for more moderate returns, high-yield/high-risk approaches as well as those of lower risk strategies.

Investors who initially invest in our ICO Phase in the first 5 Million tokens are entitled to receive a 7.5% per month return in tokens as interest.

The interest will be derived from the current running business of Xi-Jiang Resort.

Irrespective of their stakes, our investors can freely choose how they want to invest their funds in any of our project phases.    Our native cryptocurrency called UTOPIALAND coins enables our token holders to be entitled to a share in the returns made from the UTOPIALAND platform and ecosystem. This will also, at a later stage, allow them to allocate UTPL tokens to UTOPIALANDowned projects and then share in the returns or profits.

Using our many years of experience in the real estate industry, the first phase of our project is already and place but waiting for development and the second phase of UTOPIALAND will specifically focus on the North America real estate industry. Particularly, UTOPIALAND will be pioneered by tokenizing a real life asset in Xi Jiang Hot Spring. As earlier emphasized, we aren’t looking for prestige assets but projects where profit expectations are most realistic and highest. In Xi Jiang Hot Spring Resort, we have a host of middle-sized city in southern China which great glamour but awaiting tokenization and capitalization. We believe that this is where the efficiency and features of blockchain-based asset management will quickly come into place. Our network and experience enable sure and swift vetting of any real-estate development projects. Thus, the financial feasibility, due diligence, and standards of research established by UTOPIALAND equally apply to the projects in other industries.

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