Octopus wallet – Launched in Europe and the United States, gaining popularity as the best blockchain wallet

On June 1, 2019, based on the EOS omnipotent DAPP “Octopus wallet (octopus wallet), it launched in Europe and the United States, and will be released in the Asia-Pacific region to gradually expand the consensus on a global scale.

Octopus wallet firmly believes in the development of block chain, and believes that, MGC Token will build the strongest and strongest infrastructure in the digital asset industry to provide the best quality and security for digital asset enthusiasts. Convenient and efficient service, the application of connected block chain technology in various industries, open up the whole field of block chain life, and lead the reform of the new era.

Bitcoin is called blockchain 1.0 because it opens up the world of digital encrypted currencies and takes a decisive step from 0 to 1.

Ethernet is called blockchain 2.0 because it provides Turing complete virtual machines that can run intelligent contracts, bringing unlimited possibilities.

EOS is called blockchain 3.0, why? Two words: realtime performance.

EOS is positioned as the slogan on its home page: The most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications.

EOS expects to do an enhanced version of Ethernet, a high-throughput intelligent contract platform. From the EOS public chain, EOS holders are waiting for DAPP to erupt in the hope that the hot dapp will stimulate price growth for EOS.

From Bitcoin to smart contracts to the value Internet, the most direct manifestation is the emergence of DAPP.

Based on the annual issue of an additional 5% of EOS, 1 ≤ 5 as a node reward, so the OW ecology was born.

OW ecological dividend (Octopus walle) (is a global digital asset storage platform based on block chain technology. Developed by a group of block chain enthusiasts from the United States and geeks proficient in blockchain technology from Singapore. To provide a secure storage environment for users’ encrypted digital assets, point-to-point transactions / payments can be successfully realized between users, and online and offline consumption flash payments can be realized smoothly. Support the encrypted currency management of a variety of block chain bottom technologies, and provide a more convenient payment experience, with the help of block chain technology to better create revenue for customers with the help of block chain technology Innovative service platform

The main features of OW are as follows:

1. Effective risk aversion and decentralized.
2. Capital flow risk: go to the central account, there is no pool of funds.
3. Promotion risk: save money in another place and add value, easy to promote.
4. Account risk: each account is independent, anti-hacking and embezzlement.
5. Networking risk: digital money is the existence of their wallets at any time free to enter and leave, do not hurt the network.

OW is an open decentralized digital asset integrated service platform, which integrates multi-currency storage, decentralized trading platform, global payment, intelligent arbitrage, application and mining.

It consists of six main parts, each of which has its own mechanism and can operate independently, be applied on the ground, promote each other and complement each other.

The six plates of OW, coordinated development, harmonious coexistence!

Develop in a more open, safer and more convenient direction. We can imagine that there will be DApp applications in all areas in the future. The future is coming, we are the future builders, everyone has the opportunity to hug OW, embrace the future! Embrace the world!

1. OW is the EOS standard. Through the exclusive reward rules and intelligent contract mechanism in each transaction area, all participants in the transaction can be rewarded by the corresponding nodes. All transactions and contracts are executed automatically and there is no central account. There is no foam in the model.

2. OW will have at least five entertainment games online, and through online and offline entertainment programs, through online intelligent contracts and open, transparent, offline real scene experience, online offline entertainment communication can be better achieved.

3. OW develops EOS-based OW tokens with a total circulation of 1 billion pieces to build the entire OW ecosystem. All tokens will not be sold in public. Of these, 10 per cent (100 million) will be provided free of charge to EOS Traded players, 60 per cent will be spent on mining revenues, 20 per cent will be used to support EOS ecological construction and node elections, and 10 per cent will be used for marketing, the legal department and the founding team of OW.

4. OW Wallet: promote ecological and ecological development to support EOS token trading, resource management, industry news, community comprehensive wallet.

5. OW Hatch: 21 century is a talent competition. OW Hatch screens high-quality project teams, and supports technology applications in the industry to win the future!

6. OW Club: through the Global offline Club, the OW Club brings together players in the entire OW ecosystem to share all resources, build and develop together. We will jointly promote the development of blockchain technology.

The future development of blockchain industry is inestimable. We believe that with the promotion of OW DAPP and the gradual opening of the five parts, the OW ecosystem will eventually achieve a new breakthrough in the field of decentralization for the vast number of block chain hobby researchers around the world. It lays a solid foundation for the further study of block chain.

The emergence of OW is bound to set off a new wave in the era of blockchain 3.0. Integrating digital assets into life will bring a creative breakthrough to the world, provide breakthrough research results for the development of global blockchain, and will make great contributions to the in-depth study of blockchain in the future.

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